Hokkaido to enjoy with important people. Deep-flavored mature miso. . . A ramen shop for adults.

In front of Sapporo Station, this is a popular ramen restaurant with special Hokkaido ingredients and homemade noodles.

The name of the shop is derived from the desire to carefully enjoy every grain of wheat, one of Hokkaido's most representative agricultural products, in the ramen Sapporo grain in front of Sapporo Station. Careful selection of the ingredients that enter the customer's mouth has been evaluated. A variety of popular menus are available, such as “Energetic Miso Ramen”, which brings out the nutritional value of the garlic garlic to the maximum by a odorless cooking method, and “Atsuyaki Charshu Miso Ramen” using the shoulder loin from Hokkaido pork. . In the barrier-free shop, the cheerful staff welcomes customers warmly, so please feel free to visit us even for the first time.

Popular product best 3

[Our recommendation! ] Condensate the deliciousness of Hokkaido! `` Energetic miso ramen DX '' made with special thick rice noodles

Made with special rice cake noodles! Offering in a large size suitable for the name of DX! Enjoy the delicacy of the garlic ♪ Excellent volume with the finest shoulder roasted pork! * The amount of noodles can be adjusted. (In the case of 150g per ball ... 150 yen discount)

A collection of carefully selected soy sauce and the flavor of seafood “New soy sauce ramen” (no flavor seasoning) [Sunday limited menu! ]

Hokkaido surrounded by rich seas on all sides. The scallops from Okhotsk Sea Tokoro Town are used for soup for the thin ramen. Pacific Tomakomai seashells. Hidaka kelp. Condensed the “delicious” of the sea collected from the sea of Ishikarihama, Japan Sea.

The owner of the soy sauce master has carefully selected the soy sauce of Tomoe, a brewery that has been brewing soy sauce in Sapporo for over a century. Try the premier menu that is only available on Sundays when the owner is in the kitchen.

Spicy. hot. delicious. Marvo ramen

Spicy. hot. delicious. Marvo ramen

¥ 850-

This is the day when you can feel the cold! Warm up.

Spicy. hot. delicious. Marvo ramen.

Low calorie by using Mung Bean Harusame. Capsaicin effect, recommended for beauty.


Please come to the popular ramen shop in front of Sapporo Station

There is a little luxury menu of local production for local consumption

Miso ramen from which energy goes

Genki derumiso ramen DX (thick noodles / large platter) 1,200 yen
* Recommended Wake
1. Made with special sticky rice noodles.
A large serving worthy of the name of DX!
2. Enjoy the flavor of the delicacies of garlic in the whole size ♪
3. Outstanding volume also includes the finest shoulder roast pork.

※ The amount of noodles can be adjusted.
(In the case of 1 ball 150g ... 150 yen discount)


We will introduce the voices of customers sent to popular stores in Sapporo

It has a reputation as a popular store that boasts a high repeat rate


Access information to the procession shop near Sapporo Station is here


company name

Gracias Co., Ltd.

Street address

1st Kita Shijo Nishi 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

Hokuren Building B1F

phone number
business hours

11:30 〜 21:00

Regular holiday

Irregular holidays

Company introduction

We operate a ramen shop “Ramen Sapporo Ichigoen” at Sapporo Station.

For inquiries about our shop's coverage and purchase of ingredients, please call or use the form below.

About us

Healthy ramen shop in front of Sapporo station is popular

If you are looking for a ramen shop, please come to a famous shop in Sapporo Station

At popular stores, which have stores in an easy-to-access location right by Sapporo Station, we carefully select and use materials produced by Hokkaido, which is popular from overseas as well as domestically, as a “food storehouse”. Over the years, we have been making menus based on the concept of local production for local consumption, and the store name is derived from the passion we want to taste carefully, one grain of wheat, which is a representative agricultural product of Hokkaido. Customers who have received high praise from word of mouth as a word of mouth as a restaurant using 100% of Hokkaido produce and 100% wheat from Hokkaido. There are also customers who become repeaters.
In Japan, the word "medical food same source" has been used for a long time, and there are also ideas that treating illness and taking daily meals are both indispensable for cultivating life and maintaining health. As a restaurant that offers food, we have worked on development without allowing any compromises, so that we can provide a slightly healthy and delicious menu. As it can be eaten safely for all ages and young men and women, it is a recommended shop for families, so please feel free to drop by once.

The popular ramen shop in front of Sapporo Station is dedicated to Hokkaido

If you come to Hokkaido for work or travel, including those who live around Sapporo, we recommend that you visit a popular store that offers a large number of menus that use Hokkaido ingredients abundantly, right by Sapporo Station. As it is just a short walk from Sapporo Station, you will feel free to come to work or go out, with exquisite soup using carefully selected Hokkaido ingredients and seafood, and homemade noodles made with 100% Hokkaido wheat You can taste the wonderful harmony of
Especially, gory garlic is cooked in a method that does not smell, popular menus that can be expected to have medicinal effects, thick grilled pork using Hokkaido pig, scallops and hochoki collected from Hokkaido Okhotsk, Pacific Ocean and Japan Sea, salmon, kelp and kelp flavor and reshipment The premier menu, which boasts a deep flavor of soy sauce, is gaining popularity regardless of age or sex. Inside the barrier-free shop, there are wood grain counter seats and solid wood table seats, and although it is a popular shop that can be queued, it has a calm atmosphere. We are also polishing the quality of customer service so that you can drop in at any time, so if you are interested please come by once.