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Mon/Tue: Lunch only 11:00-15:00 (LO 15:00)

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: Lunch & Dinner 17:00-20:00 (until sold out)

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 11:00 to 20:00 (open all day)

Closed: 12/24 (Sat.), 31 (Sat.), 2023-1/1.2.3 (Tue.).

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  • Ramen Sapporo Ichiryuan Official Mail Order 152791259.jpg ¥ 1080-tax included

    Energetic Miso Ramen Raw Noodles 3 Meals Set

    You can make a reservation.

    Specify the shipping schedule from the calendar!

  • 北海道に春を告げる、山菜の王様



    道産チーズ入り 手作りギョーザ ¥580-

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Hokkaido to enjoy with important people. A rich body of aged miso. . . A ramen shop where adults go.

From Hokkaido with Love. Ramen Sapporo ichiryuan

In front of Sapporo Station, a popular restaurant with specialty Hokkaido ingredients and homemade noodles. The ramen Sapporo Ichikokuan originates from the store's desire to carefully value every single grain of wheat, one of Hokkaido's leading agricultural products. The attitude of carefully selecting ingredients has been evaluated. "Genki Dermiso Ramen" is a cooking method that does not smell and maximizes the nutritional value of garlic. We offer popular menus, such as "Atsuyaki Chashu miso ramen" using Hokkaido pork shoulder loin. In the barrier-free shop, the cheerful staff will warmly welcome customers. Please come to the store with confidence even for the first time.

Popular product best 3

[Our shop recommended! ] Condensed Hokkaido's "deliciousness"! Ramen Sapporo Ichitsuan "Genki Deru Miso Ramen DX" made with special chewy thick noodles

Made with special sticky thick noodles! Offering a volume (175g) worthy of the DX name! You can also enjoy the taste of the ascetic garlic.

A collection of carefully selected soy sauce and seafood flavor "Shin soy sauce ramen" (no flavor seasoning) [Sunday limited menu! ]

Hokkaido is surrounded by a rich sea on all sides. For soup of whole body ramen, scallop of Okhotsk Umikoro-cho. Sea shells from the Pacific Ocean Tomakomai. Hidaka kelp. Condensed the "delicious" of the sea collected from salmon at Ishikari Beach in the Japan Sea.

One of the soy sauce masters' carefully selected soy sauce is the restocked “Tomoe” brewery that has been brewing soy sauce in Sapporo for more than a century. Try the premium menu, which is only available on Sundays when the shopkeeper stands in the kitchen.

Spicy. hot. delicious. Marvo ramen

Spicy. hot. delicious. Marbo Ramen

¥ 850-

This is the day when the cold permeates! It warms up.

Spicy. hot. delicious. Marbo ramen.

Low calorie with mung bean haruse. Recommended for beauty with capsaicin effect.


Please come to the popular ramen shop in front of Sapporo Station

There is a little luxury menu of local production for local consumption

Ramen Sapporo Ichitsuan "Energetic dermiso ramen"

Energetic Miso Ramen DX (thick noodles, large serving) 1,250 yen
* Recommended reasons
1. 1. It is made with special sticky thick noodles.
Offering a large serving suitable for the name of DX!
2. Enjoy the deliciousness of allium ochotense in the hall size ♪
3. 3. Excellent volume with the finest shoulder roast pork!

* The amount of noodles can be adjusted.
(In the case of 150g per ball ... 150 yen discount)


We will introduce the voices of customers sent to popular stores in Sapporo

It has a reputation as a popular store that boasts a high repeat rate

  • Dosanko Plaza Tokyo Store Souvenir noodles (new soy sauce ramen [eco-packaging]) Tokyo Women


    I bought it because there was a POP when I came up from the Rookies stage at Dosanko Plaza. Although it was a dark soup, it was not salty and had a deep taste and was delicious! Eco-packaging is also environmentally friendly and is a wonderful initiative. I wanted to give it to my family who live apart.

    10. Please tell us your feelings

    I want to use it again

  • Amazonで購入 お土産:生麺(元気のでるみそラーメン) , お土産生麺(新しょうゆラーメン ) 札幌 男性


    I bought 6 meals, but it was good that they were packed one by one. I was able to share it with my friends.

    10. Please tell us your feelings

    I want to use it again

  • Souvenirs: Raw noodles (Genki no Derumiso Ramen), Souvenir Instant Noodles (Genki no Derumiso Ramen [Eco Packaging]), Souvenir Noodles (New Soy Sauce Ramen) Tokyo Men

    Thank you for the delicious ramen.
    It is a comment for two times including the one for the previous order.

    [Last time] Raw noodles Soy sauce, raw noodles miso
    [This time] Instant noodles miso

    Regarding soy sauce, it is commendable that the taste is summarized without chemical seasonings.
    In my personal taste, I felt that there was a slight lack of punch compared to miso.
    (Is there any garlic?)

    And about the instant noodles miso I ordered this time, I have raw noodles at hand
    I couldn't compare it because I didn't have it, but it was a little thinner than the raw noodles.
    Shall we?

    As I noticed during the cooking process, how to hold and tear when peeling off the vinyl packaging
    It is a pity that some dried noodles are broken. Thicken the noodles, or
    It may be possible to deal with it by drying it in a circle instead of folding it in a square.

    I am not particularly dissatisfied with the payment method. Good taste, free shipping
    It's reasonably priced at just over 1000 yen for 3 meals, so I often use it.
    Although it is a corona illness, please do your best.

    10. Please tell us your feelings

    I want to use it again


Access information to the procession shop near Sapporo Station is here


Operating company name

GRATIAS Limited company

The etymology is Latin. I put the meaning of "thank God".

Japanese "Thank you" English German West Buddha Middle


[Establishment] January 10, 2003 2021 End of year 13 employees

[Purpose] Our purpose is to run the following businesses.

1 Restaurant management (Ramen Sapporo Ichiryuan) Planning and consulting

2 Writing and publishing

3 Event planning and management

4 Grocery sales

5 Sale of tourist souvenirs

6 Manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages

7 Sales of liquefied petroleum gas and high-pressure gas

8 All business incidental to each of the preceding items




1-1-1, Kita 4 Jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 060-0004

Hokuren Building B1F

telephone number
business hours

Noon 11: 00-15: 00

Night 17: 00-20: 00



Regular holiday

Scheduled to be closed for 2022:

March 13 (Sun) Hokuren Building Power Outage: Equipment Repair

April (Sun)

May 14th (Sat) Hokuren Building Power Outage: Equipment Repair

June (Sun)

July 17 (Sun) Hokuren Building Power Outage: Equipment Repair

August 15 (Monday) End of War Anniversary

September (Sun)

October 31st (Monday)

November ()

December 24th (Sat) and 31st (Sat)


January 1-3 (Tuesday)

Temporary closure will be announced in the latest information.



Thoughts of hospitality


We welcome interviews and suggestions for ingredients to our shop.

Yo Oshima, Director, Gracias Co., Ltd. 090-1380-5540

Business card



Ramen Sapporo Ichiryuan


Official mail order site

Liquor store Tasting Tap Room Sapporo ichiryuan

Please choose your original craft beer and Hokkaido wine slowly and take it home. Such thoughts are in this small room,

This is the motivation for establishing Tasting Tap Room Sapporo ichiryuan.

The policy of local production for local consumption, the same source of medicine and food, and once-in-a-lifetime meeting was inherited from Ramen Sapporo Ichiryuan.

* We operate eco-friendly stores with the concept of local production for local consumption *

Therefore, we received the SDGs Management Award from the Sapporo Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

** Ramen Sapporo Ichiryuan SDG's **





Credo: Creed

Vision : Establish a 100-year-old corporate brand in front of Sapporo Station.

Mission : Local production for local consumption, same source of medicine and food, to fulfill the once-in-a-lifetime meeting ,,

We propose energetic miso ramen to the world.

Contribute to the development of the Hokkaido wine industry.

What should a company do to achieve this?

Aiming to be the most important company in Japan (written by Koji Sakamoto)

[Pursuing the joy of working]

* Useful for people (try to do it)

* Needed by people (work hard)

* Complimented by people (pleased)

* Beloved by people (pray for results)




2 minutes walk east from the south exit of JR Sapporo Station. Our shop is brick-colored [Hokuren Building B1F]

* [Hokuren Building] is directly above Sapporo Station on the Toho Subway Line. [Exit number 23] Convenient to visit from the underground passage. Easy access even on typhoon days! You can access it barrier-free by getting off the elevator on the first basement floor.
* However, since the elevator is a facility of the adjacent Kitano Building, it is not directly connected even if you get off on the first basement floor on public holidays and Sundays. Only on that day, please climb to the ground once and come down the stairs to the [Hokuren Building Underground Restaurant / Pearl Town] next to the north.
* The landmark on the ground is Tokyu Department Store. Go east about 50m from the entrance.
* [Hokuren Building Underground Eating and Drinking Area] At the entrance, our green nobori stands.
* It is diagonally opposite the entrance on the east side of Bic Camera.

About us

Healthy ramen restaurants in front of Sapporo Station are popular

If you are looking for a ramen shop, please come to a famous shop in front of Sapporo Station

Popular stores, located in an easily accessible location right next to Sapporo Station, use carefully selected ingredients from Hokkaido, which is popular not only in Japan but also overseas, as a "treasure trove of ingredients." We have been making menus based on the concept of local production and local consumption for many years, and our store name is derived from our passion for cherishing every single grain of wheat, one of Hokkaido's leading agricultural products. The restaurant has been highly evaluated in word-of-mouth as a homemade noodle shop that uses 100% of Hokkaido ingredients and wheat from Hokkaido, so the number of customers from overseas has also increased rapidly in recent years, and some people come many times. There are even repeat customers.
In Japan, the word `` medical and dietary sources '' has been around for a long time, and there are thoughts that treating illness and eating daily meals are both indispensable to support life and maintain health. As a restaurant that offers food, we have worked hard to develop a healthy and delicious menu without any compromises. This restaurant is recommended for families because they can be enjoyed by both men and women of all ages, so please feel free to drop by once.

The popular ramen shop in front of Sapporo Station is dedicated to Hokkaido

If you come to Hokkaido for work or travel, including those who live around Sapporo, we recommend that you visit a popular store that offers a large number of menus that use Hokkaido ingredients abundantly, right by Sapporo Station. As it is just a short walk from Sapporo Station, you will feel free to come to work or go out, with exquisite soup using carefully selected Hokkaido ingredients and seafood, and homemade noodles made with 100% Hokkaido wheat You can taste the wonderful harmony of
Especially, gory garlic is cooked in a method that does not smell, popular menus that can be expected to have medicinal effects, thick grilled pork using Hokkaido pig, scallops and hochoki collected from Hokkaido Okhotsk, Pacific Ocean and Japan Sea, salmon, kelp and kelp flavor and reshipment The premier menu, which boasts a deep flavor of soy sauce, is gaining popularity regardless of age or sex. Inside the barrier-free shop, there are wood grain counter seats and solid wood table seats, and although it is a popular shop that can be queued, it has a calm atmosphere. We are also polishing the quality of customer service so that you can drop in at any time, so if you are interested please come by once.