A ramen shop of selected Hokkaido ingredients and homemade noodles

Located in front of Sapporo Station, Ramen Sapporo Ichigoen is just a short walk from JR Sapporo Station, right above Sapporo Station on the Toho Line. You can use the elevator from the subway station for barrier-free access.

If you use a car, please use JA Parking. If you register as a member at LINE @, you will receive a one-hour parking fee service.

Hokkaido to enjoy with important people. Rich body of aging miso. A ramen shop for adults.


Store name

Ramen Sapporo

Street address

1st Kita Shijo Nishi 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

Hokuren Building B1F

phone number
business hours

Lunch 11:30 〜 15:00 (LO 14:45)

Night 17:00 ~ 21:00 (until sold out)

After 20:00, it may be sold out.

For inquiries, please call 0120-219-313

Regular holiday

Irregular holidays


If you are looking for a delicious ramen restaurant near Sapporo Station, we recommend a popular restaurant that has a fresh menu from all over Hokkaido and has created an exquisite menu based on the concept of local production for local consumption. Based on the never-ending challenge to food safety and security, we offer a healthy and delicious cup of slimming, so please come to the procession store where the number of customers from overseas is increasing rapidly.

  • Guidance of parking lot

    We have partnered with JA Parking adjacent to the south of Hokulenville.
    Please use the parking lot after registering with LINE @friends from the following QR code or button. I stamp the stamp in the store.

    SUV · large car accepted. JA parking required confirmation. TEL 011-219-2201

    LINE @Add friend
  • Wifi
  • Free Wi-Fi

    Free Wi-Fi is available in our shop. If you connect to [.ichiryuuan_2.4G] from your smartphone, you can connect to the Internet.

  • Attention please ! Until sit down inside restaurant.


    1. You can seat in order of arrival.


    2.You can buy a ticket in order of arrival. (in order of line, thank you


    3. You cannot sit down with all of member at the same time, if you a large persons.


    4. Please keep your own ticket until spread the table with dishes. Dishes will exchange your ticket


    5. Own ticket are necessary to seat inside of restaurant. 

  • Ordering guide

    Please purchase meal tickets in the order of arrival.

    1. Do you have a seat preference ?

      The table has 2 tables for 4 people.

    If you have time, you can increase the number of seats.

    2. Are there any time restrictions ?

    If you are in a hurry, we recommend counter seats.

    If there is no problem with the group, we will inform you as soon as it is available.

    3. Do you like ramen ?

    ①Thickness of soup

    Random / 1. Thick / 2. Thin

    ② Boiled noodles (hardness)

    Random / 3. Hard / 4. Soft

    ③ Spice

    Omakase / 5. spicy / 6. without spicy taste

    ④Allergies / others

    4. Is there a parking lot or coupon service available?

    5. Are there any dishes you would like to offer first ?

We have confidence in menu of safety, relief in local production for local consumption

Popular shops that can be queued are also high quality customer service

If you come to Hokkaido for work or travel, including those who live around Sapporo, we recommend that you visit a popular store that offers a large number of menus that use Hokkaido ingredients abundantly, right by Sapporo Station. As it is just a short walk from Sapporo Station, you will feel free to come to work or go out, with exquisite soup using carefully selected Hokkaido ingredients and seafood, and homemade noodles made with 100% Hokkaido wheat You can taste the wonderful harmony of
Especially, gory garlic is cooked in a method that does not smell, popular menus that can be expected to have medicinal effects, thick grilled pork using Hokkaido pig, scallops and hochoki collected from Hokkaido Okhotsk, Pacific Ocean and Japan Sea, salmon, kelp and kelp flavor and reshipment The premier menu, which boasts a deep flavor of soy sauce, is gaining popularity regardless of age or sex. Inside the barrier-free shop, there are wood grain counter seats and solid wood table seats, and although it is a popular shop that can be queued, it has a calm atmosphere. We are also polishing the quality of customer service so that you can drop in at any time, so if you are interested please come by once.

In front of Sapporo Station, Ramen Sapporo Ichigoen is a person responsible for the health of our customers, starting with the selection of fresh ingredients, and developing everything from the development of cooking methods that maximize the deliciousness of the ingredients to the hygiene of the store. We are working without compromise. “Medical food source” is based on the idea that both the treatment of illnesses and daily meals are indispensable for nurturing life and maintaining health. There is also a theory of coined words based on the idea of Chinese “medicine dietary source” that no medicine is required.
As a result of promoting the creation of a store based on this concept of medical foods, we have established the concept of carefully selecting and cooking fresh Hokkaido ingredients and serving them as slow food. Including homemade noodles made from 100% Hokkaido wheat, 4 kinds of char siu sticking to Hokkaido produce, a healthy menu of non-seasoned soup based on seafood in the vicinity of Hokkaido without using chemical seasonings, etc. We have a delicious and healthy exquisite menu. Sapporo City has signed a Sapporo Food Safety and Security Promotion Agreement and is also certified as a restaurant that actively promotes Hokkaido ingredients, so if you are looking for a ramen shop in the Sapporo Station area Please drop in once.