From Hokkaido with Vitarity!

From the owner Yoji Oshima,

Don't be afraid of corona shock. Support your energy! We will explain the medicinal-zen effect, etc., related to energetic deli miso ramen and safe handmade gyoza.

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    Winter White 2018-19 New Release!

    November 23, 2018 HTB personal information. January 6, 2019 Tvh beautiful ramen. Was introduced in ...
In a shop near Sapporo Station that is certified as a restaurant that promotes Hokkaido ingredients using the Hokkaido ingredients, there is a staple menu, seasonal recommendations, etc. about special items that you will never get bored with many visits I am sending it on a blog. At any rate, we will keep you informed of interesting information such as seasonal ingredients ordered carefully from Hokkaido, carefully selected seasonings, carefully selected recipes, the state of the shop where you can relax at home, and the daily business scene.
Customers from overseas are also on the increase, and they have been interviewed by media such as magazines, and they have been opening stores at fairs held in the Tokyo metropolitan area, so they are crowded with many customers every day. We will strive to improve the quality of our service so that our customers will be delighted without being satisfied with the current situation, so please do not hesitate to visit our blog.