Hokkaido marathon sponsorship store, ramen in front of Sapporo station, and the flavor of Hokkaido ingredients.

2019/08/22 blog
Hokkaido Marathon 2019 Sponsors

Hokkaido Marathon 2019 8.25sun 9:00 am START!

Hokkaido Marathon 2019 and Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games for visually impaired marathon representatives will be held.

In front of Sapporo Station Ramen Sapporo Ichigoen is an annual supporter of this tournament.

The owner, Oshima, who has participated in the marathon competition, wants to welcome the runners participating in this competition, who will be the only official summer race in Japan. We think.



Hokkaido Marathon 2019 START

The weather forecast for this year is cloudy / sometimes rainy. I'm worried about heat stroke at high temperatures and high humidity, but I'd like you to take care to complete the race.



The image is our recommended menu. Its name is also “Energetic Miso Ramen DX \ 1200-”.

The concept of our shop is “medicine food source” ramen made with selected Hokkaido ingredients.

Sapporo ramen with this concept is not seen at other stores.

We want to offer our ramen to athletes who gather at the Hokkaido Marathon every year.

This is the day of the Hokkaido Marathon, which is the most proud, rewarding and joyful day of this concept within a year's business day.


CLASSIC bottle

We have prepared presents for those who have completed the Hokkaido Marathon Full Marathon.

Click here for the Hokkaido Marathon 2019 Full Marathon Completion Award Coupon.

congratulations! Thank you for your hard work.