Shinsoba 2019

2019/09/11 blog
Niseko soba field

2019 This is the season for new soba.

A farmer's soba restaurant visited Mt. Yotei.

“Botan soba” is known as a phantom variety with limited circulation. It is necessary to spend time and effort on cultivation such as being tall and easy to fall down in the wind.


Home-grown soba noodles are offered daily “freshly ground”, “freshly made” and “boiled”.

The flavor unique to stone grinding using a stone mill is exceptional.
I got 10% soba.

Great view from the audience

The scenery is also a feast. The taste comes from the climate.

The spring water is clean

Japan 100 famous water! Boasting spring water is also delicious.

(Image reprinted from HP)

Phantom variety "Botan soba"

Flavor unique to stone grinding using a stone mill

(Image reprinted from HP)

We received duck seiro!

This is a Hokkaido duck from Takikawa. The cutting method was also thick and the powerful taste was excellent. Of course, the soup stock was also rich, and it was a deep-frozen soup stock from Makurazaki's “Kai-bushi / Kame-bushi”. Divided with soba-yu, I enjoyed licking without leaving a drop.