Only one bakery visit in the world. 100% wheat from Hokkaido and Tokachi

2019/10/08 blog
Only one bakery in the world

A bakery “Mugane” in Inada-cho, Obihiro City.

The site area is 11.000㎡, which is the largest bakery in Japan.

Mugin Store overall view

It is a branch of a long-established Manjuya store in Obihiro that has a history of 70 years.

Manjuya, who his wife examined on TV and books, was a miracle bakery who succeeded in making bread using 100% Japanese flour.

Wheat field

At the beginning of our store in 2004, we tried to make noodles made from Hokkaido flour, but there was a memory that we had to combine 30% imported wheat.

The reason for this was that the wheat produced at that time had a low protein (gluten) content and did not have the firmness necessary for Sapporo ramen. In addition, the color is gray and it does not go up with a broom. Since it is a small-scale production, there are large variations depending on the year. Such···

Konga Anpan

How persistently Manjuya was working on baking bread with flour from Hokkaido? That tenacity effort is detailed in the book at the beginning.

It was the same year that the miracle of Manjuya was realized and that it became possible to make noodles made from 100% Hokkaido wheat flour with noodles made from ramen Sapporo.

so. It was around 2007 when general-purpose cultivation of a new variety “Yumechikara”, a super strong powder, was realized. I was deeply impressed that the miracle of Manjuya and the achievement of our dreams were achieved through the same event.

Both bread and rice are from Tokachi

This Anpan is not normal! Flour, yeast, red bean paste, and sugar are 100% produced in Tokachi! And this is simple and delicious. I bought a freshly baked baked goods at a store. When I grabbed it with my hands, there was a little residual heat, and when the moist dough was cracked, there was a lot of rice cake. I like it. Normally, tentacles do not extend to sweet things, but this was delicious.

Homemade powder

A windmill was installed on the roof of the store, and there was a millstone to grind flour in the store. It is not a display but a practical facility. I was impressed with the comments. I go to John 12:24, my favorite verse ... "A grain of wheat will remain if it falls to the ground and does not die. But if it dies, it will bear many fruits."

Mugi Backyard

I respect Manjuya, the pioneer of local production for local consumption. In recent years, she opened a store in Tokyo and introduced the great success of TV every day on TV Tokyo. It was very helpful. Encouragement.