New Year Party 2020. Member of Sapporo Chamber of Commerce and Industry

2020/01/21 blog
Sapporo Park Hotel

2020 Reiwa 2nd year I am at the New Year party in Sapporo Chamber of Commerce.

In the first place, the sponsorship of the Sapporo Ramen Taxi is related to the Sapporo Chamber of Commerce.

For some reason, I became a member of the Tourism Committee.

The beginning sings "Kimi gayo". long time no see. After the awards ceremony, there is a party.

There is a guest greeting.

Hokkaido Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry (country)

Hokkaido Governor

Here is the Mayor of Sapporo. It is social study. (Images are not allowed)

Olympic year 2020

Everyone speaks for business opportunities in the same way.

I'm more concerned about the movement of the staff than that. Whatever bothers me is the work of a sommelier. The movement of the people behind. It is an occupational disease. I'm sick.

Cheers for the Sapporo economy!