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2020/02/20 blog
Cheerful ramen ramen: O-ton

Competitive to new type pneumonia. Become a body overcoming the coronavirus. If you want to improve your tonic strength, please visit [Enjoyable Miso Ramen]!

The essential story I want to tell you is
1. This is the fact that "Genki Dermiso Ramen" is nutritionally uplifting.

And we are now afraid of the new virus.

2. To overcome the new virus,
You have to work on your own tonic UP ↑. I noticed that.

[Energetic Dermiso Ramen]
A menu of medical and food sources that meets our needs!

Hokkaido wild vegetables, garlic

Garlic endures the long winter in Hokkaido and grows first in the thaw in spring. "The king of wild plants" is full of the power of life.

Oshima has confirmed in the laboratory of her alma mater (Tokai University) that the nutritional content of garlic is 4 times that of garlic and 8 times that of chive. (Edited by Hiroyuki Nishimura: Health benefits of the northern vegetable "Garlic garlic and its secrets," published by Hokkaido Shimbun, 2011)

Taking the well-known * garlic nutrition and efficacy * as an example,
Garlic is said to be effective for recovery from fatigue and nutrition. As a matter of fact, which component does this work, a typical nutritional component is "Allicin".

The source of garlic's peculiar smell is a substance called allicin, a kind of allyl sulfide.

Allicin helps absorb vitamin B1, an essential nutrient when converting carbohydrates to energy, and is said to be effective in relieving fatigue and nourishing tonics.

It also helps prevent coldness by promoting blood circulation. Allicin has a strong bactericidal action and is said to function as an antibiotic against M. tuberculosis, Shigella, and Staphylococcus.

Garlic with toppings

According to Asako Moro, an international Chinese medicine chef, what is the medicinal effect of garlic?

It seems that many people imagine the effects of nutrition and tonic, but in fact it is not only medicinal but also "warming the body".

In the Yakuzen,
Ingredients have properties such as "warm the body" and "cool", and are thought to be divided into five properties: "flatness" in addition to cold, cool, warm, and heat.

Garlic, when raw, becomes "warm" when passed through a "thermal" fire, and has the effect of warming the body. It not only warms the whole body, but also has a particularly good effect on warming the stomach (stomach).

It is also good at improving chills and coughing, and garlic, which is said to be effective in coughing, is considered to be very effective in the early stage of a cold accompanied by chills and chills.

Cheerful demiso ramen, table poster

The theory of Dr. Hiroyuki Nishimura, Professor Emeritus of Tokai University,

1. Due to the nutritional value of allicin, eating garlic improves blood flow.

2. When eating garlic, chop it. When mixed with ingredients rich in vitamin B1, such as pork and chicken eggs, arithiamine is generated, which can be expected to be effective in relieving fatigue.

3. Freeze after harvest to prepare garlic. Enzymes, which are odor components, are inactivated (not lost, dormant), so you can cook without smell.

Cheerful ramen ramen

* In our shop, we apply this doctrine to prepare ingredients for homemade gyoza and the ingredients for cheerful miso ramen, and offer "garlic dishes for those who do not want to cook."

Gyoza and beer