In front of Sapporo station. Support your energy with "Genki Deru Miso Ramen"!

2020/02/20 blog
Cheerful Miso Ramen: O-ton

When you want to improve your toughness by boosting your energy with meals [Energy of miso ramen] Please do!

The essential story I would like to share is

1. It is a fact that "Genki Deru Miso Ramen" has been nutritionally improved to improve the tonic power.

2. In addition, the medicinal composition effect is clear in terms of Oriental medicine.

[Energetic Demiso Ramen] is
It is a menu of medical and food sources that supports our energy!

Hokkaido edible wild plants, ginger garlic

Ginger garlic endures the long winter of Hokkaido and grows buds at the beginning of the thaw in spring. It is the "king of wild plants" full of the power of life.

Study 1.

Oshima, the owner, confirmed in the laboratory of his alma mater (Tokai University) that the nutrient content of the gallant's garlic is 4 times that of garlic and 8 times that of chive. (Edited by Hiroyuki Nishimura: Healthy vegetables in the north, "Medicinal effects and secrets of ginger garlic", 2011 Hokkaido Shimbun)

Taking the well-known "garlic nutrition and efficacy" as an example,
Garlic is said to be effective in relieving fatigue and enhancing nutrition. In fact, “Alicin” is a typical nutritional ingredient when it comes to what works.

The source of the characteristic odor of garlic is a type of allyl sulphide called "allicin".

Allicin is said to help absorb "vitamin B1", which is an essential nutrient when converting sugars into energy, and has effects on fatigue recovery and nutritional tonic.

It also helps prevent coldness by promoting blood circulation. In addition, allicin is said to have a strong bactericidal action, and is said to function as an antibiotic against tubercle bacilli, shigella, staphylococci, etc.

Ginger garlic, toppings

Study 2.

What is the medicinal efficacy of garlic by Asako Moro, an international Chinese medicine mentor?

It has not only a nutritional and tonic effect but also a "warming body" effect.

In Yakuzen,
Ingredients have the properties of "warming the body" and "cooling", and are considered to be divided into the five properties of "flatness" in addition to cold, cool, warm, and heat.

Garlic is "heaty" when raw and becomes "heaty" when cooked, which has the effect of warming the body. It not only warms the whole body, but also has an excellent effect on warming the stomach (stomach).

It is said that garlic, which is said to be effective for coughing, is considered to be very effective in the early stages of a cold accompanied by chills and chills.

Garlic Garlic

Professor Toshi University Professor Emeritus Hiroyuki Nishimura's theory is

1. Due to the nutritional value of allicin, eating gents garlic improves blood flow.

2. Chopping when eating the ginger garlic. By mixing it with ingredients rich in vitamin B1 such as pork and chicken eggs, it is possible to expect the effect of producing alliamine and eliminating fatigue.

3. Freezing after harvesting as a preparation for the garlic ginger. The enzyme that is a component of the odor is deactivated (does not get lost; dormant state) and you can cook without smelling.

Cheerful miso ramen

* Ramen Sapporo Ichikaku-an offers this "the odorless cook's garlic dish" by applying this theory when preparing the ingredients for cheerful soup miso ramen and handmade gyoza.