Handmade gyoza $ 500 ~, I started takeout. In front of Sapporo station, Ramen Sapporo Ichibu-an

2020/03/18 blog
Gyoza takeout

Handmade gyoza for peace of mind. 6 500 yen

[12 pieces for takeout ¥ 850-]

At home, please enjoy with confidence.

Grilled gyoza

Support your spirit!

Ramen Sapporo Ichibu-an's [Reliable Handmade Gyoza] contains plenty of the wild vegetable king "Gyojin Garlic" which tells the spring in Hokkaido.

"Gyo garlic" contains 4 times the garlic nutrient "Allicin" than garlic. With its nutritional effect, the body is warmed from the core, and the blood is smooth and tired.

With normal cooking methods, you may be worried about bad breath. However, Ramen Sapporo Ichigokuan has conducted unique research to further improve nutritional value while cooking without smell.

Let's make it stronger with the medicinal food effect of "Gyaku garlic" which does not smell.

Water gyoza

Cooking that doesn't smell ...

Goes well with beer