Free shipping on energetic demiso ramen, instant noodles, and 18 meal set. ¥ 6480-tax included

2020/04/09 blog
Instant noodles

Dear customer, March Sapporo Chamber of Commerce "SOS emergency stock disposal! ] Thank you very much for your support on the site.

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Normally, at the cash register of Ramen Sapporo Ichiban-an, it is a product that sells slowly at 3 or 6 pieces, so I was sorry to have kept you waiting because the manufacturing site and the shipping site were flat.

The spread of infection has not stopped in Tokyo and the United States,

National and global emergency

What can Ramen Sapporo Ichiban-an do?

Support your energy! How about building your physical fitness? !!

Instant noodles 18

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[Energetic Demiso Ramen: Instant noodles]

The expiration date is until October 2020.

* For storage at home.

* During the supermarket, there is no disappointment.

* Reduces the risk of infection due to going out.

* While at home ...

Ginseng's medicinal herb effect ...

Please experience "Blood smoothness and relieve fatigue".

Cheerful miso ramen

Free shipping is [18 meals ¥ 6480- tax included]

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Ginger who tells spring to Hokkaido

Urahoro town in spring

Ramen Sapporo Ichiban-an is a garlic,

Uraboro-cho's natural wild plants.

Ginger garlic harvest

【customer's voice】


Thank you for your polite service!

As the name suggests, the ramen here is very cheerful and I love it! [Hokkaido / Women]


I purchased it for the first time by mail order. It was very different from the miso ramen I ate at the department store's eat-in the other day. First, the noodles are wonderful! Soup is perfect, and I would like to order it again next time. [Kanagawa / Men]


I live in a rural area, but it's a memory that I met when I met my dad who worked in Sapporo at the time!

At that time, I received salt ramen. Ramen was not greasy and good, but it was so delicious that I can't forget it.

This time, my father gave me a souvenir ramen as a souvenir and I ate it with nostalgia for that time!

It was very delicious! [Hokkaido / Women]


I sent it to my sister in Osaka for home use. Ramen was very delicious, my body was warm, and I was really energized!

I always knew it was a popular line, but I couldn't line up and I ate this time for the first time. It was so delicious that I understand why everyone is lined up.

I definitely want to go to the store and eat. [Hokkaido / Women]


Please do your best not to lose corona.

I hope it will converge soon. [Tokyo / Men]


I think that corona infection will be a lot of trouble, but I would like to do my best to continue the store. [Chiba Prefecture / Women]


It was very delicious. Whenever my friends come to Sapporo for fun, I definitely recommend Ikutsuan. Unfortunately, my friend in Corona was cancelled, but I will take him again when the situation calms down and I come back to Sapporo. I think it's going to be a difficult time, but please be careful and do your best! [Hokkaido / Women]

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Thank you very much for your warm words.

Ezo Engosaku

Blooms in spring. Ezo Engosaku Uraboro Town