A delicious story that begins with a grain of wheat ... Remodeling the noodle making room. It is a notice of a new menu

2021/02/16 blog
Wheat field

I want to carefully taste each and every grain of "wheat" from Hokkaido.

That feeling is the origin of the name of Ramen Sapporo Ichiryuan.

Carrying out the noodle making machine

February 4, 2021

We have carried out the noodle making machine that has supported homemade noodles.

The noodle making room will be relocated from Hokuren Building to Higashi Ward.

The noodle making machine was moved on a snowy morning.

Hirara Weizen Beer

We are shortening the time due to the corona shock, but we are honing new skills.

A delicious story that begins with a grain of wheat ...

Sumikawa Brewery has started working on craft beer brewing.

This is malt crushing. (The raw material for beer is barley malt = malt)

Add malt to hot water and heat it step by step to 50-60-70 ℃ to saccharify.

Filter the saccharified mash to get wort.

When wort is boiled, hops are added to add aroma and bitterness.

The wort that has been boiled is transferred to the fermenter while cooling, and yeast is added to start fermentation.

Homemade bread

A delicious story that begins with a grain of wheat ...

Refrain from going out. So I started working on bread making training.

Of course, we use Hokkaido flour.

A long time ago, when I was climbing a mountain in winter, I used to train my hands so that I wouldn't get frostbite. Since then, my hands have been warm. This is effective for making bread. I was certified by my wife and kneading.

In summary, I'm aiming for French bread today.

Bomb Cyclone Today. Atmospheric pressure drops to 970 Hpa. I have also experienced noodle making, but on such a day it is very difficult because water does not get into the powder. I managed to mold it under my wife's guidance.

it is complete. It was burnt. I was angry!

I will do my best. stay tuned. .. ..

But the crispness goes to a good line.