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2021/03/08 blog
Energetic Miso Ramen Backorder

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Energetic miso ramen raw noodles 3 meals set

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Genki no Derumiso Ramen Raw Noodles 12 Meals Set ¥ 4320-tax included

Genki no Derumiso Ramen: Expiration date 2021-July 12 instant noodles set ¥ 4320-tax included

¥ 4000-Free shipping over Hokkaido Ramen mail order Kanedin food online shopping


A set of 6 instant noodles will arrive immediately!

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It looks just like the store! We will deliver it by Cool Takkyubin.

Hokkaido subscription

Realistic that Mr. Himura ate

Deliver [Energetic Miso Ramen] frozen!

Hokkaido subscription


The king of wild plants that tells Hokkaido about spring

Contains [Garlic]

Handmade gyoza display with Hokkaido cheese

Handmade gyoza with cheese scent, packed with the taste of Hokkaido

Handmade gyoza with Hokkaido cheese ¥ 580-


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