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Ramen Sapporo Ichigoen, which is well received in front of Sapporo Station. The concept of our shop is “local production for local consumption”, “medicine food source” and “one-time one party” We will tell you about the various actions that fulfill it on our blog.

  • Seasonal seafood OIL boiled and mixed noodles

    Seasonal seafood OIL boiled noodles

    Seasonal seafood OIL boiled noodles 1,250 yen
  • Marvo ramen (normal)

    About Marvo Ramen

    Spicy. hot. delicious. Marbor ramen (average) 850 yen The frozen body is also fluffy from the core. Sichuan bean plate soup capsaicin is also great for...
  • Thick grilled pork ramen

    About Atsuyaki Charshu Miso Ramen

    Thick grilled pork ramen 1,380 yen
  • New soy sauce ramen

    About new soy sauce ramen

    New soy sauce ramen (non-tone) 1,000 yen It is a slim soup made faithfully to the basics of cooking with only pork bone and chicken gulls, kelp and sea...
  • Ramen No Pork, No Alcohol (Halal menu)

    The restaurant where you can eat halal miso...

    Ramen No Pork, No Alcohol (Halal menu) 800 yen Halal is a Muslim cultural sphere dietary habit (standard for cooking ingredients) A dish that does...
  • Sir Charshu

    About Charshu

    Char siu bowl [limited quantity] 380 yen
  • Water gyoza

    Safe handmade water gyoza (6)

    Safe handmade water gyoza (6) 500 yen
  • Grilled gyoza

    Safe homemade grilled gyoza (6)

    Safe homemade grilled gyoza (6) 500 yen
  • Spare ball

    About miso taste spare ball (1 ball)

    Miso taste spare ball (1 ball) 200 yen
  • Large homemade noodles

    About homemade noodles

    Homemade noodles large (half ball) 150 yen
  • Taste egg

    Topping: About Ajitamago

    Topping: Taste egg 150 yen
  • Shoulder roast char siu

    Topping: About shoulder roast char siu

    Topping: Shoulder roast char siu 250 yen
  • Increased garlic

    Topping: About garlic increase

    Topping: garlic increase 200 yen
  • Corn & Butter

    Topping: About Corn & Butter

    Topping: Corn & butter 300 yen
  • Glass of wine

    About glass wine

    Our sommelier is selected Today's glass wine 500 yen
  • Sapporo Classic

    About Sapporo Classic

    Sapporo Classic [medium bottle] 600 yen
  • Ebisu draft beer

    🍻 Drink Ebisu barrel draft beer in front of...

    I would like to thank you during the heat. At Sapporo Station, ramen Sapporo Ichigane, which is made from the Hokkaido ingredients that are made with a st...
  • Lunch passport

    One coin lunch "lunch passport"

    One coin lunch "Lunch passport" is being published!   Mabo Ramen (Small) Set 780 yen → 500 yen Mabo Ramen (Small) + Mugi Gohan (Small) Coupon ava...
  • Going garlic

    How to make a safe handmade gyoza

    This rower garlic is reborn as "safety handmade gyoza".
  • Higma

    Harvest the blessings of nature

    We avoid hikumas and divide into mountains and harvest the blessings of nature.
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In a shop near Sapporo Station that is certified as a restaurant that promotes Hokkaido ingredients using the Hokkaido ingredients, there is a staple menu, seasonal recommendations, etc. about special items that you will never get bored with many visits I am sending it on a blog. At any rate, we will keep you informed of interesting information such as seasonal ingredients ordered carefully from Hokkaido, carefully selected seasonings, carefully selected recipes, the state of the shop where you can relax at home, and the daily business scene.
Customers from overseas are also on the increase, and they have been interviewed by media such as magazines, and they have been opening stores at fairs held in the Tokyo metropolitan area, so they are crowded with many customers every day. We will strive to improve the quality of our service so that our customers will be delighted without being satisfied with the current situation, so please do not hesitate to visit our blog.