• Hokkaido Shimbun May 8

    SOS that loses its freshness ❗️ Beers waiti...

    SOS that loses its freshness ❗️ Bi Lumpur who be tired of waiting shipments
  • ichiryuan Wei β

    Original craft beer, ichiryuan Wei β, new r...

    A new story that begins with a grain of wheat While the situation where customers cannot be invited to the store due to the corona shock continues, can w...
  • Energetic Marvo Ramen

    You can eat as many times as you like in De...

    Providing "subscribing and energetic" to local customers! * Limited to subscription members from the second time onwards! Lunch time: 3 water gyoza s...
  • Ramen Sapporo Ichiryuan Official Online Shopping Site

    Ramen Sapporo Ichiryuan official online sho...

    Ramen Sapporo Ichiryuan Official Online Shopping Site Opened on November 4, 2020. Thank you very much.   Don't be afraid of coronavirus. When you...
  • Sapporo Classic draft beer

    Drink Sapporo CLASSIC barrel draft beer in ...

    Heat of late summer we would like sympathy. Ramen Sapporo Ichigaku-an, which is made with carefully selected Hokkaido ingredients in front of Sapporo stat...
  • Summer Cold 2020-Seafood Shio

    11-15 pm: Open Summer new cold menu Sapporo...

    2020 Summer cold [Seasonal Seafood Shio Ramen ¥1250-with risotto] Seasoned seafood from Hokkaido and Japan was made into ahijo, cooked thoroughly ...
  • Ramen Sapporo Ichianan shop owner Youji Oshima

    Thank you for the end of the first step: Sa...

    Thank you greetings This time, we received a total of 102.000 yen from 30 people for the Sapporo City Restaurant Future Support Cloud Funding “...
  • Limited sale of "Genki Card" \5500- which i...

    Limited sale of "Genki Card" \5500- which is a sub-card of Ikuan-an. Special delivery to customers who answered the questionnaire. For more information htt...
  • Grilled gyoza

    About safe handmade grilled gyoza (6 months)

    Handmade grilled gyoza (6 months) 500 yen Let's maintain physical strength that can compete with new type pneumonia. Garlic is famous for its good ...
  • Halal Miso-Ramen

    The restaurant where you can eat Halal miso...

    Halal: Miso-Ramen No Pork, No Alcohol \ 1000- Halal refers to the dietary habits (standards of cooking ingredients) in the Muslim culture, which does n...
  • Sunday only. Seafood pork bone miso ramen

    Seafood pork bone miso ramen (non-natural) ¥ 1000- From Sapporo. I want to propose it to the world as a local dish.
  • Soy sauce spicy miso ramen

    New release of soy sauce spicy miso ramen!

    This taste that sweats in your hand! In front of Sapporo Station, Ramen Sapporo Ichigoen. Newly appointed: Manager Kawano is in charge of creation whil...
  • Healthy miso ramen

    About energetic miso ramen

    Healthy miso ramen [DX (thick noodles, large serving)] 1,200 yen Healthy miso ramen [medium (medium noodles)] 900 yen Energetic miso ramen [small]...
  • Miso ramen

    About miso ramen

    Miso Ramen [Average] 780 yen Miso Ramen [Small] 600 yen Miso Ramen [Normal] & Mini Char siu bowl ¥ 1,000
  • Shio Ramen

    About Shio Ramen

    Shio Ramen [Average] 800 yen Shio Ramen [Small] 600 yen
  • Kamaage Tamago Ramen

    About Kamaage Tamago Ramen

    Kamaage Tamago Ramen 500 yen
  • Seasonal seafood shio ramen

    About seasonal seafood shio ramen

    Seasonal seafood shio ramen 1,250 yen
  • Seasonal seafood OIL boiled and mixed noodles

    Seasonal seafood OIL boiled noodles

    Seasonal seafood OIL boiled noodles 1,250 yen
  • Marvo ramen (normal)

    About Marvo Ramen

    Spicy. hot. delicious. Marbor ramen (average) 850 yen The frozen body is also fluffy from the core. Sichuan bean plate soup capsaicin is also great for...
  • Thick grilled pork ramen

    About Atsuyaki Charshu Miso Ramen

    Thick grilled pork ramen 1,380 yen
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