• Ramen Sapporo Ichianan shop owner Youji Oshima

    Thank you for the end of the first step: Sa...

    Thank you greetings This time, we received a total of 102.000 yen from 30 people for the Sapporo City Restaurant Future Support Cloud Funding “...
  • Limited sale of "Genki Card" \5500- which i...

    Limited sale of "Genki Card" \5500- which is a sub-card of Ikuan-an. Special delivery to customers who answered the questionnaire. For more information htt...
  • Free shipping and mail order start! [Energetic miso ramen] Souvenir noodles

    Product introduction [Energetic demiso rame...

    We will not lose to new pneumonia. Don't fall for the coronavirus. When you want to recharge your body! [Energetic Demiso Ramen] * An authentic s...
  • Grilled gyoza

    About safe handmade grilled gyoza (6 months)

    Handmade grilled gyoza (6 months) 500 yen Let's maintain physical strength that can compete with new type pneumonia. Garlic is famous for its good ...
  • Sir Charshu

    About Charshu

    Char siu bowl [limited quantity] 380 yen
  • Water gyoza

    Safe handmade water gyoza (6)

    Safe handmade water gyoza (6) 500 yen
  • Spare ball

    About miso taste spare ball (1 ball)

    Miso taste spare ball (1 ball) 200 yen
  • Large homemade noodles

    About homemade noodles

    Homemade noodles large (half ball) 150 yen