About safe handmade grilled gyoza (6 months)

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Grilled gyoza

Handmade grilled gyoza (6 months) 500 yen

Let's maintain physical strength that can compete with new type pneumonia. Garlic is famous for its good nutrition and good food.

The typical nutritional component of garlic is "allicin", but the king of wild vegetables, "Gyoja Garlic", which tells the spring in Hokkaido, contains allicin four times as much as garlic!

The ramen Sapporo Ichigoku-an's handcrafted gyoza is a place where you can fully enjoy the odorless cooked “garlic garlic”.

I will explain in detail.

Handmade gyosa poster with peace of mind

[Reliable homemade gyoza] The secret of deliciousness ... The raw materials and "the truth" are different.

1. Only whey pork raised in Hidaka, Hokkaido is used.

Hidaka Whey Pork is a healthy, soft, odorless umami that grew up in the hills facing the Pacific Ocean, blowing through the sea breeze and eating Hidaka Dairy's whey and Hidaka kelp. is. .

Hara, Hokkaido

2. Uraporo-cho: Uses only natural garlic and domestically grown vegetables.

It is prepared using only the natural "Gyojin Garlic" from Urahoro, Hokkaido, and domestic vegetables.

The recipe that allows you to fully enjoy "Gyaku garlic" in a manner that does not smell is based on a collaborative study with Tokai University's emeritus professor: Dr. Hiroyuki Nishimura, and is a delicious taste of medicine and food that can not be tasted at other stores. .

Wheat field in Naganuma town

3. Wrap with 100% Hokkaido flour “skin”.

Crisp finish.

Boiled and moist.

The result I sought, focusing on both, was the gyoza “skin” made from Hokkaido flour.


Sincerely wrapped.

Grilled gyoza



Water gyoza

[6 pieces of water gyoza ¥ 500-]

The moist texture is umah! It is a reputation. You can also enjoy plenty of "Gyaku garlic" that does not smell.

[Water gyoza] The red condiment in the middle is "red citron pepper" from Miyazaki Prefecture. Produced farmers We make homemade pepper with a very fruity aroma "Yuzu" and homemade pepper. I really like this fresh acidity and aroma.

sparkling wine

Oshima with sommelier qualifications recommends pairing with sparkling wine

[Today's glass wine ¥ 500-]