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Souvenir [Energetic Miso Ramen]

Energetic miso ramen 1 meal 380 yen
Energetic miso ramen 3 meals 1,080 yen
Energetic miso ramen 6 meals 2,160 yen

(The amount is 8% including tax)

Carrot garlic combination

This product's soup contains freeze-dried Hokkaido: Urahoro-cho “Gyonin Garlic”. The effect of smoothing blood. Ingredients that can be expected to relieve fatigue can be taken in deliciously.

Uraworo-cho, Hokkaido Harvesting natural wild plants

“Gyonin Garlic” is called the king of wild plants in Hokkaido. It is rich in nutrients such as allicin and sulfide, and its content is 4 times that of leek and 8 times that of garlic. “The garlic garlic” endures the severe winter every year and revives in spring. Consume the power of the earth.

The store owner studied the nutritional science of “Gyojin Garlic” at his home school, Tokai University Hokkaido Campus, under the guidance of Professor Hiroyuki Nishimura.

I have homemade noodles

This product uses 100% Hokkaido wheat. We have faithfully reproduced our homemade noodles.

100% miso made from Hokkaido ingredients

Miso is the same product used in the ramen noodles of Sapporo ramen. Only raw materials from Hokkaido. We use additive-free long-term ripening miso that is made with only soybeans, rice koji, and salt.

Beluha C1

The owner, Oshima, has succeeded in climbing the Beluha peak, the highest mountain in the Russian Altai Mountains.

For members' diet, “Miso Ramen Ramen” is used.

Tokai University Altai Bell-Hamine Mountaineering Team 2019
(Tokai University Altai Mt. Belukha Expedition)

Dispatch mother
Tokai University School of Oceanology Mountaineering Club Tokai University School of Oceanography
Tokai University Oceanography Mountain Club Alumni Association

Location: Orido, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture
3 20 1 Tokai University Shimizu School Building

Objective: Altai Mountains / Belha Peak (4506 m
Visit to Novosibirsk University, student exchange
Mountain range altai mountains
Bell-Ha Peak (4506 m
Activity period 2019
August 4-August 18 (15 days

Beluha Mountain

Summer 2001

elevation 4506 m
location Russian - Kazakhstan border
position North latitude 49 degrees 48 minutes 25 seconds
86 ° 36'23'E
Mountain range Altai Mountains
First climb 1914


Instant noodle types that can be stored for a long time are also available. Please contact us.