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We will not lose to new pneumonia.

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[Energetic Demiso Ramen]

* An authentic school that sticks to the firmness and flavor of noodles.

[Energetic Demiso Ramen: Raw noodle type]

Shelf life is about 2 weeks.


* Easy-to-eat and authentic Sapporo ramen flavor.

[Genki Deru Miso Ramen: Instant noodle type]

The expiration date is 180 days from the date of manufacture.

* This product does not use animal materials. The instant noodle type supports the Vegan standard. For more information, including allergens, see below.

Please contact us for more detailed requests.



【Description of item】

Instant noodles use 100% Hokkaido flour. We faithfully reproduced our homemade noodles. It also has a long shelf life and can be stored, making it ideal as a gift. The Hokkaido cultivator garlic added to the soup has four times the nutritional content of "allicin" as garlic. It is the king of wild vegetables that is said to warm the body even with a medicinal herb. Please enjoy the power of the earth of healthy deli miso ramen with wheat used for noodles, miso that is the raw material for soup, and ginger garlic, and Hokkaido ingredients. [Allergens (specific ingredients)] Wheat, peanuts, milk, soybeans, sesame [Nutrition labeling (per meal)] Energy: 480 kcal / Protein: 18.3 g / Fat: 9.6 g / Carbohydrate: 80.1 g / Salt equivalent: 9.6 g [Halal. Vegan.]

Ginger garlic formulation

This product's soup contains freeze-dried "Gyojin garlic" from Urahoro-cho, Hokkaido. The effect of smoothing blood. You can enjoy deliciously ingested ingredients that are expected to recover fatigue.

Hara natural edible wild plants in Uraboro town, Hokkaido

"Gyojin garlic" is called the king of wild vegetables in Hokkaido. It is rich in nutrients such as allicin and sulfide, and its content is 8 times that of Chinese chive and 4 times that of garlic. Each year, "Gyakur Garlic" endures a harsh winter and revives first in spring. Enjoy the power of the earth.

The owner of the shop at his alma mater, Tokai University Hokkaido Campus, under the guidance of Professor Emeritus Hiroyuki Nishimura,

I researched the nutrition of "Gyaku garlic".

We have homemade noodles

The noodles used in this product are made from 100% Hokkaido wheat. We have faithfully reproduced our homemade noodles.

Miso made from 100% Hokkaido ingredients

Miso is the same product used for ramen Sapporo Ichian-an miso ramen. Only raw materials from Hokkaido. We use additive-free long-term aged miso prepared with soybeans, koji and salt.

Belucha C1

The owner, Oshima's affiliated mountain club, succeeded in climbing Belukha peak, the highest peak in the Russian Altai mountains.

"Energetic Demiso Ramen" has been adopted for the members' eating habits.


Tokai University Altay Bel-Ha Peak Mountaineering Team 2019
(Tokai University Altai Mt. Belukha Expedition)

Dispatch mother
Tokai University Faculty of Oceanography Mountaineering Club Tokai University College of Oceanography
Tokai University Faculty of Oceanography Mountaineering Club OB Meeting

Location: Orido, Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture
3 20 1 Tokai University Shimizu Building

Purpose: Altai Mountains-Bel-Ha Peak (4506 m
Courtesy visit to Novosibirsk University, student interaction
Mountain range altai mountains
Bell-Ha Peak (4506 m
Activity period 2019
August 4 to August 18 (15 days


Mount Belukha

2001 summer

elevation 4506 m
location Russia - Kazakhstan border
position 49 ° 48'25'N
86 ° 36'23'E
Mountain system Altai mountains
First climb 1914




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