Thank you for the end of the first step: Sapporo City Restaurant Future Support Cloud Funding

2020/07/02 Other
Ramen Sapporo Ichianan shop owner Youji Oshima

Thank you greetings

This time, we received a total of 102.000 yen from 30 people for the Sapporo City Restaurant Future Support Cloud Funding “First! Supporting restaurants with delivery and takeout!”. Thank you very much.

Energetic Demiso Ramen DX

Return meal ticket ¥1300-ready

*If you support with a bite of 1000 yen, you can use it as a meal ticket of ¥1300- at Ramen Sapporo Ichikakuan.

*We will hand it to you when you visit us.

*The period for using the meal ticket is ~ November 30, 2020.

* Dining credit is available at visit us or de-Livery.

Radius 5 km map

*Delivery of Ramen Sapporo Ichiban-an is within a radius of 3km, so we cannot deliver food to customers who live far away.

*For customers who wish, we will deliver [Energetic Demiso Ramen: Souvenir noodle 3 meal set] to your home.

Please fill out the order/reservation form and enter "00 boxes with Act-Now Sapporo Food ticket" in the comment field. We also accept delivery dates.

With the support of this time, we will continue to do our best to continue our efforts to survive.

What we are aiming for is to make "Genki Deru Miso Ramen" a specialty of Sapporo Station.

Creating a workplace that is said to be the most important company in Japan (written by Koji Sakamoto). is.

Local production for local consumption, medical food same source, once-in-a-lifetime... Made with carefully selected Hokkaido ingredients and homemade noodles. Ramen Sapporo one grain hermitage

Thank you for your continued support. The owner Yoji Oshima

Sapporo City Restaurant Future Support Cloud Funding

First video explanation

It is the Sapporo City Restaurant Future Support Cloud Funding Management Office.

The first project started on June 1st, with 362 participation from restaurants, a total support amount of 94.24 million yen, and support from 5665 people. Thank you for your cooperation.