• Healthy miso ramen

    About energetic miso ramen

    Healthy miso ramen [DX (thick noodles, large serving)] 1,200 yen Healthy miso ramen [medium (medium noodles)] 900 yen Energetic miso ramen [small]...
  • Miso ramen

    About miso ramen

    Miso Ramen [Average] 780 yen Miso Ramen [Small] 600 yen Miso Ramen [Normal] & Mini Char siu bowl ¥ 1,000
  • ロゴ

    About change to non-natural soup

    Change from miso to non-flavored soup 200 yen
  • Shio Ramen

    About Shio Ramen

    Shio Ramen [Average] 800 yen Shio Ramen [Small] 600 yen
  • Kamaage Tamago Ramen

    About Kamaage Tamago Ramen

    Kamaage Tamago Ramen 500 yen
  • Seasonal seafood shio ramen

    About seasonal seafood shio ramen

    Seasonal seafood shio ramen 1,250 yen
  • Seasonal seafood OIL boiled and mixed noodles

    Seasonal seafood OIL boiled noodles

    Seasonal seafood OIL boiled noodles 1,250 yen
  • Marvo ramen (normal)

    About Marvo Ramen

    Marbor ramen (average) 850 yen
  • Thick grilled pork ramen

    About Atsuyaki Charshu Miso Ramen

    Thick grilled pork ramen 1,380 yen
  • New soy sauce ramen

    About new soy sauce ramen

    New soy sauce ramen (non-tone) 1,000 yen It is a slim soup made faithfully to the basics of cooking with only pork bone and chicken gulls, kelp and sea...
  • Ramen No Pork, No Alcohol (Halal menu)

    The restaurant where you can eat halal miso...

    Ramen No Pork, No Alcohol (Halal menu) 800 yen Halal is a Muslim cultural sphere dietary habit (standard for cooking ingredients) A dish that does...
  • Lunch passport

    One coin lunch "lunch passport"

    One coin lunch "Lunch passport" is being published!   Mabo Ramen (Small) Set 780 yen → 500 yen Mabo Ramen (Small) + Mugi Gohan (Small) Coupon ava...