One coin lunch "lunch passport"

2019/07/23 ramen
Lunch passport

One coin lunch "Lunch passport" is being published!


Mabo Ramen (Small) Set 780 yen → 500 yen

Mabo Ramen (Small) + Mugi Gohan (Small)

Coupon available period: June 25-September 27, 2019

Available time: 11:00 to LO 12:30


Rich and spicy ramen with a rich, spicy, hot and delicious triple beat

Popular ramen made from Hokkaido wheat homemade noodles and quality ramen materials. Mabo ramen is a soup based on mature miso and home-made mochi mochi noodles with vermicelli-containing meat miso, which is a taste that melts with the crispness and taste and promotes appetite.

It is recommended that you eat meat miso with plenty of minced pork ground meat and noodles together and stir-fried toppings with boiled eggs and vermicelli over rice.