About new soy sauce ramen

2019/08/07 ramen
New soy sauce ramen

New soy sauce ramen (non-tone) 1,000 yen

It is a slim soup made faithfully to the basics of cooking with only pork bone and chicken gulls, kelp and seafood soup without relying on umami seasonings. Made with 100% Hokkaido wheat, combined with homemade curly noodles. Char siu has prepared the best shoulder loin with meticulous techniques.

Soy sauce master

Hokkaido surrounded by rich seas on all sides. The scallops from Okhotsk Sea Tokoro Town are used for soup for the thin ramen. Pacific Tomakomai seashells. Hidaka kelp. Condensed the “delicious” of the sea collected from the sea of Ishikarihama, Japan Sea.

The owner of the soy sauce master has carefully selected the soy sauce of Tomoe, a brewery that has been brewing soy sauce in Sapporo for over a century. Try the premier menu that is only available on Sundays when the owner is in the kitchen.