The restaurant where you can eat Halal miso ramen in front of Sapporo Station is Ramen Sapporo Ichikuan

2020/02/18 ramen
Halal Miso-Ramen

Halal: Miso-Ramen No Pork, No Alcohol \ 1000-

Halal refers to the dietary habits (standards of cooking ingredients) in the Muslim culture, which does not include pork or alcohol. Ramen Sapporo Ikkobu-an is making Sapporo miso ramen with ingredients without pork or sake, and welcomes travelers from all over the world as a Muslim friendly restaurant.

From 2020, refined taste and newly launched. This menu has a low calorie (estimated value: 750 Kcal), which is 15-20% calorie-off compared to our miso ramen, so it has been well received by local OLs.

Homemade sticky noodles. Miso brewed with 100% Hokkaido ingredients. We offer local miso ramen with local production for local consumption, such as scallops from Hokkaido.

muslim wellcome Hokkaido
Winter White

Seasonal seafood ramen ¥ 1250-

This is also made with No-Pork. No-Alchol. It has been well received as Halal Food.

Like sobayu soup, pure white soup is a soup based on cream made from Hokkaido soybeans. We use Akita's traditional recipe, "Shottsuru," as a secret ingredient, and collect seasonal seafood such as oysters, scallops, and shrimp from Hokkaido as much as possible, and use EXV olive oil to create an Ahijo style. Ramen to taste for the first time! Please try our original dishes.