Founded in Sapporo in 1891. A tour of Tomoe ’s brewery, Fukuyama Brewery Naebo Factory

2019/10/20 Commitment to ingredients

Fukuyama Brewery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1891 at the location of “Ramen Sapporo Ichigoen”, where Hokuren Building is located (Kita 4-jo Nishi 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo).

(Actually, the landlord of Hokuren Building)

Naebo, soy sauce factory

After the founding of the company, a soy sauce factory was constructed in Naebo, blessed with underground water in the Toyohira River, in 1918, and at the brick factory designated as a Hokkaido heritage site in 2004 (2004) Soy sauce from Sapporo continues to be brewed.

Visit day

Actually, October 18, 2019!

I applied for a factory tour at Ramen Sapporo Ichigoen.

Resource room

In the data room on the second floor of the factory, the heritage of the Meiji period was exhibited at the time of its establishment in 1891, so you can experience the history.

In commemoration, I handed over Kanei Tsuho. A heirloom!

raw materials

The raw materials for soy sauce are soybeans, wheat, salt, and koji molds. And Sapporo has been blessed with “water” even before its pioneering history. The “Tomoe” Fukuyama brewing and “Chitose Tsuru” Japanese sake are still in operation in the Naebo area.

Until 2003, the first and second factories of Sapporo Beer were operating nearby.

Sapporo, which is blessed with water sources, is a “famous place”.

Soy and wheat
Squeeze / filter

"Re-prepared soy sauce" brewed in this storehouse

It is the decisive factor of the taste of “New Soy Sauce Ramen” on Sundays only.

What is "Re-prepared soy sauce" ...

This soy sauce is richer in color, taste and aroma than the soy sauce. Normal soy sauce starts with the fermentation process by adding salt water to the raw materials soybean and wheat. In the case of “re-prepared soy sauce”, the fermentation process is started again by adding the finished soy sauce to the raw material soybeans and wheat instead of salt water! In other words, raw materials and processes are poured in more than twice. Normal soy sauce is shipped approximately half a year after preparation, whereas Tomoe's “re-prepared soy sauce” reaches its shipping date after spending a two-year aging period in the climate of Sapporo.

I will prepare soy sauce sauce of ramen Sapporo so that it does not spoil the rich and rich taste and flavor. This preparation is currently only done by me as the owner. We take great care not to be ashamed of the name of the soy sauce master.

In this way, we have prepared and prepared “new soy sauce ramen” with great care.


With Tomoe “Fukuyama Brewing” staff