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A shop of carefully selected Hokkaido ingredients and homemade noodles

[One-time meeting] [Local production for local consumption] [Medicine and food source]

Commitment 1. It is not only produced in Hokkaido, but also has a unique taste and excellent nutritional value.

Commitment 2. The land of Hokkaido is lush and lush. It is the "spirit of local production for local consumption" that wants to maintain and preserve its productivity.

Commitment 3. It is "safe and secure cooking" that we can recommend to our customers with confidence.

The ramen shop located in front of Sapporo Station has good access

Ramen  Sapporo  ichiryuan has a store in front of Sapporo Station, it is a very convenient location for people using public transportation. The location is just a short walk from the south exit of JR Sapporo Station and adjacent to the 23rd exit from the municipal subway Toho line, and there are many affiliated parking lots and coin parking in the vicinity, so you come with your own car or car Can also drop by.
In the shop where you can come for disabled people from the nearest station, there are wood grain counter seats and solid wood table seats, making it a popular shop where you can queue up for an excellent menu full of delicious Hokkaido ingredients. I will. The location is convenient for access, and the number of customers from overseas who have read reviews in the surrounding area is also on the rise, so if you are interested, please feel free to carry it once.

If you are looking for a ramen shop, please come to the line shop in Sapporo station square

One of the most popular restaurant stalls that offers medical food and food as a concept, rather than just serving delicious food, is the lineage garlic that is said to have drastically reduced its harvest volume. Garlic garlic in the town of Urahoro is excellent in texture, flavor and texture, and has a reputation for being "addicted once you eat it once". It has been highlighted as a healthy food because it has various health effects in addition to deep taste. You
For example, it is said that garlic of the wards contains a component called allicin more than normal garlic, which makes absorption of vitamin B1 smooth and is effective in recovery from fatigue and nourishment. Allicin is also effective in preventing coldness and arteriosclerosis by promoting blood circulation as well as preventing cancer because it enhances immunity, so if you have a strong interest in food safety and health, Please try.