Local production for local consumption

Aged deep miso

Ramen Sapporo Ichigo-an uses carefully selected ingredients, focusing on local produce for local consumption, with a focus on Hokkaido produce and livestock products. We tried to make Hokkaido ramen with 90% (calorie base) from Hokkaido. As a result, our specialty aged miso ramen was born.

Please enjoy ramen with plenty of Hokkaido's vastly grown wheat, thick grilled pork and garlic.

A shop of "green lanterns" that offers dishes using local and domestic ingredients

A shop in "Green Lantern" that provides food using local and domestic ingredients

Our shop uses abundant Hokkaido produce such as wheat, pork and vegetables. It is certified as a “green lantern” shop that uses domestic ingredients to serve dishes, and the store also has a green lantern.

Recognized as a restaurant promoting food produced in Hokkaido using food produced in Hokkaido

Certified as a restaurant that uses Hokkaido ingredients and promotes Hokkaido ingredients

We offer ramen made with Hokkaido special ingredients using Hokkaido wheat, garlic, and pork pork. As a result, it has been certified by Hokkaido as “Megumi Kita no Megumi Restaurant”.

Famous ramen shop in front of Sapporo station is charming soup

Ramen Sapporo Ichigoen, which is well-known in front of Sapporo Station, has signed a “Sapporo Food Safety and Security Promotion Agreement” with Sapporo City, and offers dishes that focus on the taste and safety of ingredients. The soup and homemade lard, which are time-consuming and lovingly made, can be consumed with peace of mind from small children to the elderly due to the quality they maintain even after eating each day.
If you are worried about where to go among the many shops in the surrounding area, please come to a ramen shop that has a strong focus on food safety and security.

Please try well deramiso ramen in front of Sapporo Station

We have finished the severe winter and cooked in the spring the first time in the spring, "God of kings of wild plants", cooked garlic in the original method that does not smell, finish the Hokkaido condensed with the highest quality wheat, miso and pork You Although it is said that natural gosher garlic has been depleted due to changes in the environment and other reasons, but because it is built with only the natural ingredients in mind, "the texture, texture, and crunchyness are wonderfully addictive when eaten once. It will be a reputation.
It contains more allicin than general garlic, and its effect makes it possible to absorb vitamin B1 smoothly and is expected to be effective for recovery from fatigue and nourishment. In addition, because there is an action such as the improvement of immunity and blood circulation promotion, expectations for prevention and improvement of symptoms such as cancer, coldness and arteriosclerosis are also increasing, so those who are interested in food safety and health effects We hope you will experience the full value of the event.

The ramen restaurant in front of Sapporo Station is a commitment to non-natural soup

In an era of fast food that can be consumed easily, there are many people who say, "I want to enjoy a delicious meal, but I am concerned about the impact on food safety and health." A popular restaurant by the Sapporo Station, which offers a surprise menu of about 90% Hokkaido-produced materials, uses no chemical seasonings in a soup that goes well with 100% homemade wheat home-grown noodles, and a healthy non-natural soup It is a reputation for providing the menu.
There may be advantages such as being able to easily adjust the concentration of taste and suppressing the blurring of taste by using chemical seasonings, but based on the idea of medicine and food as a basic idea I'm stuck. Although it is in a non-naturalized state, the special soup prepared using plenty of domestic fish ingredients as well as Hokkaido-made sea urchin shellfish, salmon and kelp has realized an impressively deep taste. Please feel free to visit us and enjoy the full drink.

Enjoy the harmony of ramen and Hokkaido charles in front of Sapporo Station

Ramen Sapporo Ichiganei, which has a store in front of Sapporo Station, has a reputation for "unforgettable texture and taste" with four types of pork made with pork that has a low odor and a good balance of fat. Among them, a customer called "Shin-bo" who received only 1 kg from one dog, a soft and umami-rich pork meat made with pork was popular, and customers said, "Churshie will come for many times without being forgotten" It is also possible.
In addition to that, Hokkaido Hidaka-grown whey pork and natural rower garlic, and exquisite dumplings wrapped in 100% Hokkaido-grown wheat using a vegetable from Hokkaido are another popular menu. Green lanterns are listed as a "Local Product Support Store" that uses a large number of Hokkaido ingredients and offers dishes using domestic ingredients, and because it has been recognized as a restaurant promoting PR ingredients produced by Hokkaido, Hokkaido If you want to taste the high quality ingredients brought to you by all means, come by all means.

If you can taste the home of ramen, you can go to a shop where you can process a line in front of Sapporo Station

If you come to Hokkaido for work or travel, as well as those who live around Sapporo, we recommend that you have a stand in front of Sapporo Station with a store near you. We carefully select and use Hokkaido ingredients known as "treasure of ingredients" and operate under the concept of providing them as slow food, and all natural Hokkaido ingredients such as garlic, which is said to be the king of wild vegetables, For example, about 90% of the ingredients from Hokkaido are astonishing, such as rice koji miso, which has been aged in cedar wooden barrels for many years, and re-charged soy sauce.
In contrast to fast food, which can be easily eaten anytime, slow food uses the food rooted in the area and has the thought of valuing carefully prepared meals, and the eating habits and culture of the area・ Attention has been drawn from the ability to rediscover attraction. Please relive the taste of the hometown that reflects the hot feelings of such a shopkeeper.


The popular store in front of Sapporo Station puts everything into one cup of ramen

It is a popular store that is very particular about the ingredients used

The ramen of Sapporo Ramen in front of Sapporo Station has a strong desire to carefully taste up to one grain of wheat, which is a representative agricultural product of Hokkaido, and it is the origin of the store's name. The attitude to never compromise is highly appreciated. We offer a rich menu including a hearty menu with thick baked pork using Hokkaido pork, and a popular menu where you can expect the medicinal effects of using garlic with a method of cooking that does not smell.
The bright and friendly staff warmly welcomes you in the barrier-free shop, so be sure to visit us for the first time.