Medical food same source

A ramen shop for adults

Ramen Sapporo Ichiganrin is based on the concept of "food and food", and we keep in mind balanced ramen and dumplings using wheat and pork from Hokkaido, and vegetables. Aiming to be a ramen shop that is selected as an "adult" with a good taste, we have prepared an environment where you can enjoy "meal" from details of every single food, preparation method, cooking method, and atmosphere in the shop.

I hope that you can taste the commitment to one cup of ramen thoroughly.

We have an agreement with Sapporo City on hygiene management, quality control and crisis management

Ramen Sapporo Ichigane is confident in serving customers. With regard to hygiene management, quality control and crisis management, we have cleared strict training and concluded an agreement with Sapporo City.

We promise to our customers a thorough management of hygiene control of machinery and instruments, inspection of food quality, freshness, time limit indication, contamination etc.

A cozy moment in a ramen shop in front of Sapporo Station

If you are searching for a delicious ramen store in front of Sapporo Station, we recommend a popular store that delivers safety and security with the basic stance of medical food and natural resources, local production for local consumption. The materials, cooking methods and atmosphere of the store are considered from the customer's point of view, and a comfortable space has been achieved, so it has been rated as a "recommended store for families".
We have counter seats and table seats, so please feel free to carry your feet whether you are a young or old, single, group or family.

The ramen shop evaluated in front of Sapporo Station is based on the same food and medicine

Food safety is a big concern for everyone, but unfortunately there are occasional reports that shake its safety and credibility, so from the consumer's point of view "I don't know what to trust." I often hear the voice. Popular stores for a long time near the Sapporo Station to meet such customers' voices, carefully stocking materials stuck to the local Hokkaido ingredients, and thorough management and cooking methods considering hygiene Through our efforts, we are making constant efforts to ensure that you have a safe time.
The idea that food is as important as medical care in order to enjoy health forever is called "medical food and resources", but the results of continuing management based on that basic principle bear fruit and are severe We cleared the standards and were able to conclude an agreement on food safety with Sapporo City. We will continue to make efforts to enjoy the wonderfulness of Hokkaido's food ingredients, which are called a treasure trove of food, so please come visit us.

The taste and quality of customer service of ramen are popular in the Sapporo station area

With stores located in the center of Sapporo, and a number of customers from overseas also increasing recently, the well-known stores are popular for their excellent menu and comfortable atmosphere created by uncompromised efforts. As a result of thoroughly researching and examining the quality of the seasoning as well as the safe and secure menu where 90% of the purchase is made from Hokkaido with a focus on materials from Hokkaido, which is a local product, as a result It has been selected as the “Soy Sauce Name Master” honored by the Cooperative Federation.
We will never give priority to good taste and second-hand service, and we will consider how we can create a shop where you can feel that you want to come again, and we are particular about in-store design where you can come in barrier-free. In addition to the advantage of not being affected by the cold because of the underground, when you are in the procession, it is also a popular reason to care about ordering first, so please take a visit.

The ramen shop in front of Sapporo Station is confident in the goodness of customer service

Ramen Sapporo Ichigane, based in Sapporo Station, has signed a Sapporo Food Safety and Security Agreement with Sapporo City. It is proven that multi-angle efforts are being made on food safety and security because it is an agreement that can be concluded only by restaurants that have cleared knowledge and high standards regarding health management, quality control, and crisis management. All customers, regardless of which, can travel safely.
Not only can you come from the JR Sapporo Station or Sapporo Station in the municipal subway using elevators for barrier-free access, but also the inside of the store is designed to be barrier-free, so you can push people with disabilities or strollers Family members are also welcome. We aim to create a comfortable space with a focus on cleanliness and create a health-friendly menu with a focus on cleanliness, so please be sure to come and visit us if you are looking for a restaurant that you can spend slowly in your family .

Please try well deramiso ramen in front of Sapporo Station

We have finished the severe winter and cooked in the spring the first time in the spring, "God of kings of wild plants", cooked garlic in the original method that does not smell, finish the Hokkaido condensed with the highest quality wheat, miso and pork You Although it is said that natural gosher garlic has been depleted due to changes in the environment and other reasons, but because it is built with only the natural ingredients in mind, "the texture, texture, and crunchyness are wonderfully addictive when eaten once. It will be a reputation.
It contains more allicin than general garlic, and its effect makes it possible to absorb vitamin B1 smoothly and is expected to be effective for recovery from fatigue and nourishment. In addition, because there is an action such as the improvement of immunity and blood circulation promotion, expectations for prevention and improvement of symptoms such as cancer, coldness and arteriosclerosis are also increasing, so those who are interested in food safety and health effects We hope you will experience the full value of the event.


Access information to the procession shop near Sapporo Station is here


Operating company name

Gracias Co., Ltd.

GRATIAS Limited company

The etymology is Latin. It means "thank God".

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[Store name] Ramen Sapporo Ichiryuan

Street address

1-1-1, Kita 4-jo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido

Hokuren Building B1F

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Noon 11: 00-15: 00

Night 17: 00-19: 00



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Scheduled to be closed for 2020:

April 12 (Sun)

May 3rd (Sun)

June 7th (Sun)

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August 16th (Sun)

September 13 (Sun)

October 11th (Sun)

November 15th (Sun) and 29th (Sun)

December 24th (Thursday) and 31st (Thursday)


January 1-3 (Sun)



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Yo Oshima, Director of Gracias Co., Ltd. 090-1380-5540

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酒販店 Vallad of Yoichi (Sapporo)



2 minutes walk east from the south exit of JR Sapporo Station. Our shop is brick-colored [Hokuren Building B1F]

* [Hokuren Building] is directly above Sapporo Station on the Toho Subway Line. [Exit number 23] Convenient to visit from the underground passage. Easy access even on typhoon days! You can access it barrier-free by getting off the elevator on the first basement floor.
* However, since the elevator is a facility of the adjacent Kitano Building, it is not directly connected even if you get off on the first basement floor on public holidays and Sundays. Only on that day, please climb to the ground once and come down the stairs to the [Hokuren Building Underground Restaurant / Pearl Town] next to the north.
* The landmark on the ground is Tokyu Department Store. Go east about 50m from the entrance.
* [Hokuren Building Underground Eating Area] At the entrance, our green nobori stands.
* It is diagonally opposite the east entrance of Bic Camera.