Ingredients introduction

Homemade noodles

Our shop is homemade noodles made with 100% Hokkaido wheat ramen.

The varieties used are mainly Tokachi wheat.

Hokushin, blended with Chinese noodles mainly made of northern fragrance, Yumechikara, a super strong powder, with a unique formulation.

The irrigation uses natural Mongolian irrigation. No preservatives are added.

Pork bone and pork

The pork bone and char siu meat that form the basis of ramen soup is chosen by the producers who supply a clear and healthy pig.

Hokkaido Megumi Miso

Soy sauce and miso

Tomoe is the only brand in Hokkaido that ships to a major mass retailer chain. It is ordered from Fukuyama Brewing Co., Ltd., the brewery. The company was founded in 1891 (Meiji 24) and is a long-established store in Sapporo that has a history of more than 130 years.

Our shop uses Tomoe's “Hokkaido Megumi Miso” for miso ramen soup. This miso is brewed only from soybeans, rice koji, and salt. No preservatives are added, and all are made from Hokkaido ingredients.

In addition, Tomoe's “re-prepared soy sauce” is used to prepare a new soy sauce ramen sauce.


I use the wild vegetable king “Ginseng Garlic” that can be taken after the snow melts.