When coming to Hokkaido, please come to the shop using local materials

If you are looking for a delicious ramen restaurant in front of Sapporo Station, we recommend that you use a popular restaurant that offers authentic local taste at a safe price. We will examine materials and recipes from a professional perspective and deliver them as a superb menu with no compromises, so that you can enjoy with peace of mind regardless of age or sex.
You will be informed about the sales of the store and the latest information on the menu on the new information page on the home page. If you have trouble selecting a store, please refer to it.
  • Schedule for business in September
    Respect for the Aged Day and Equinox Day On Sundays, the day is [Pig bone and seafood miso ramen]. It is popular!
  • Congratulations on completing the Hokkaido Mara...
    Celebration! Completed the Hokkaido Marathon. Completion of full marathon will receive one bottle of CLASSIC. Very popular every year! This year, 17 people got it. ...
  • Open as a Hokkaido Marathon sponsor. 25 (Sunday...
    Celebration! Completed the Hokkaido Marathon. Completion of full marathon will receive one bottle of CLASSIC. Please present this article when you visit the store. Very...
  • August Sales Information
  • From August 11th to December 12th, from 12:00 t...
    Notice August 11 (Sunday) and 12 (Monday) are shortened business days. Business hours are from 12:00 to 16:00. The menu is a special “Miso Ramen of Seafood and Pork Bon...
  • The homepage was renewed
    The homepage was renewed

At popular stores that are highly rated by the word of mouth around the Sapporo Station area, we will deliver the latest announcements on the new information page so that you can drop in at any time. We regularly update the contents of the shop, such as opening hours, changes, staff blog updates, etc., about the restaurant's excellent menu and seasonal recommendations recommended with a certainty and confidence. We recommend that you have a look in advance.
Sapporo, which is one of the largest cities in northern Japan, has a large population, and many hotels and ryokans are lined up as bases for people visiting Hokkaido for work and sightseeing, both domestically and abroad. If you come to Hokkaido, we hope you will stop by at a procession serving slow food using locally selected materials, so please take a look at the latest information from the shop.