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New soy sauce ramen package

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Please feel free to contact us. Delicious Sapporo ramen for the year-end and New Year holidays.

New releases are coming one after another ...

Five years have passed since the idea. Full-scale trial production started in May 2020 and finally completed on November 22!

Ramen Sapporo Ichiryuan [New Soy Sauce Ramen (Non-style)]

New release of raw ramen for back order

Commitment is ...

1. 1. No umami seasoning is used. (Naturalized)

2. 2. Only [re-prepared soy sauce] that has been aged and brewed in the climate of Sapporo for more than 2 years is used.

3. 3. Contains [Hokkaido], which has the strongest "umami" in the soup stock from Hokkaido.

4. Faithfully reproduces homemade noodles made from 100% Hokkaido flour.

Limited to the official online shopping site.