Recruitment information ・ ・ ・ Recruiting staff who will work together at a ramen shop in front of Sapporo Station

Our shop emphasizes compliance. So every minute, salary. But let's throw away the idea of "getting overtime" by working long hours! For example, stick to cooking as much as you turn around Michelin. Let's challenge the sommelier test. That's how I raise my status! I'll definitely support you.

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Housewife part recruitment!
We will adjust within the range of support

Hourly wage 900-1,000 yen
* Trial 50-100h / hour wage 861yen
* Sunday attendance includes additional allowance

It is actually 4-5h between 10: 00-16: 00.

Working 3-5 days a week
* Possible to work only on weekdays

Customer service please

I would like customer service mainly.

Guidance to waiting seats. Operation and exchange of ticket machines. Make a cup of tea, serve, and touch with a smile
Please cheer me up.

Those who can do it also have cooking assistance and preparation assistance work, so we will consult with you about their suitability.

(Since it is a small shop with 6 seats and 2 tables, it is safe)

Don't be overwhelmed, if you prefer to work at your own pace or long-term

Housewife (husband), inexperienced welcome,

≪There is a congratulatory 10,000 yen !! ≫
Those who have contracted for a long term (more than half a year) (according to internal regulations)

The shift is reported monthly. Fine adjustment every day with LINE

Working 3-5 days a week
* Possible to work only on weekdays

It is actually 4-5h between 10: 00-16: 00.

Currently, we are strengthening staff for lunch and weekends!
Transportation expenses will also be paid!

If you go to work on Sundays, the work allowance will increase!
Feel free to adjust the time according to your wishes!

You can eat ramen for 250 yen as a meal assistance!

We are particular about local produce, local consumption, and local produce, and we value each ingredient, so we would like to provide our staff with meals from the same source of medical food!

part-time job
  • ロゴ

    part-time job

Regular employee
Salary and salary increase

Monthly salary: 200,000 yen ~ Example: 250,000 yen
* Salary includes deemed overtime work (45 hours, 61,650 yen).
Excess is paid separately
* There is a 3 month trial period after joining the company. Monthly wage 188,400 yen during the period (no overtime)
* The trial period may be shortened depending on the skill
* Determined based on experience and skills

Job Description

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------

★ Ingredients only found in Hokkaido. Work that only you can do ★

The day when local production and local consumption ramen becomes a major of Sapporo ramen.

Inexperienced ⇒ Aspiring to become independent ◎ Growth step by step-Active = 250,000 yen per month-

Regular employees urgent recruitment inexperienced welcome
Open Position: Store Staff

Staff group photo

Job Description
2 minutes walk from Sapporo station. We are looking for regular employees from "Ramen Sapporo Ichiryuan", which offers ramen using selected Hokkaido ingredients!

His work covers all aspects from customer service, preparation, cooking, management and sales.
Of course, not all at once.

If you have no experience in eating and drinking, you will start with an apprenticeship and first teach you the importance of food hygiene. After that, please gradually remember from the service and preparation.

If you have some experience, you will be taught more practical know-how such as "Skills to become your own weapon" and "Recipes", such as how to utilize materials, connoisseurs of purchasing and freshness management.

I would like active people to be responsible for opening new stores. There is actually a difference between "making ramen" and "making a ramen shop". We will teach you how to refine competitive "cooking technology" and "sense" and web marketing.

"I will take Sapporo ramen major!"
Make your dreams come true. I want to start building a whole new team with you today.

Qualification requirements

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------

* Those who can work with a healthy smile
* Excel, etc. for elementary school and high school graduates (expected)
Can operate PC
1. Inexperienced OK! If you want to start with an apprentice
2. Those who want to use their experience to improve their skills
3. For those who want to become a kitchen chief and store manager
Good or bad. Ask “Professional Enthusiasm”.

Holiday / vacation

-------------------------------------------------- ------------

Weekly holidays 1-2 days Monthly holidays 5-6 days (except February and August)

You must take three consecutive holidays twice a year.
You can also enhance your private time, such as family and travel.
I am looking for someone who has a high sense of purpose, such as "for myself" or "for my family."

★ Are you having such a problem or dissatisfaction?

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------

★ Are you having such a problem or dissatisfaction?
・ I'm doing my best, but it's not evaluated at all
・ The salary does not change forever
・ In the current workplace, there is no environment or opportunity to grow

★ Capture Sapporo ramen majors with “local production for local consumption”!
The concept of our ramen is "local production for local consumption", which is particular about local and Hokkaido ingredients. The ratio of Hokkaido ingredients is over 90% on a calorie basis. Recently, Sapporo has seen a dramatic increase in foreign visitors.
Local cuisine is the world's major expecting dishes that use local ingredients.
Our restaurant opened with a policy of "I want to offer Sapporo ramen as local cuisine". In the competing ramen industry of Sapporo, I want to seize "Sapporo ramen major" with a global policy. If you can sympathize, please participate in creating a new team. Boys (Girls) be ambitious!

★ People who are professional, business, and independent are welcome
Realistic, such as "profession quality" that wants customers to enjoy time-consuming dishes such as homemade noodles and homemade gyoza, "business popularity" with a firm management sense, and savings are starting for the future You can do things "independent" and welcome.

In addition to cooking, service, and hygiene management, we provide indispensable know-how such as management duties and web-based marketing (to make the store a selling place). You will be rewarded for your hard work.

★ 3 consecutive holidays, 6 days off
You must take three consecutive holidays twice a year. You can also enhance your private time, such as family and travel. I am looking for someone who has a high sense of purpose, such as "for myself" or "for my family."

We look forward to this resume.














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