We examine carefully selected materials from Hokkaido and provide a safe and secure cup

In the procession that offers a number of menus including miso ramen in front of Sapporo Station, high-quality materials such as carefully-designed homemade noodles using 100% wheat from Hokkaido, four types of pork chopsticks and non-natural soups. We offer a menu dedicated to food safety.
From young children to elderly people, we are cooking with the thought of "I want you to have peace of mind" regardless of age or sex. You can use the elevator from the station to the inside of the store for disabled guests, so please feel free to drop by anyone.

As a ramen shop, it is in operation with a focus on safety and security in Sapporo Station

The popular ramen one grain bowl in front of Sapporo Station, with the first consideration of food safety and security, has signed a Sapporo Food Safety and Security Promotion Agreement with Sapporo City. This is an effort made by producers, producers, processors, sellers, restaurant owners and others to deliver safe food to consumers and want them to eat in peace. It is a system for many people to know, and it is necessary to clear strict standards.
As expressed in the word “medical food and drink”, food taken from the mouth is as important as medical treatment, so you can live a healthy life by taking a balanced diet on a daily basis You Based on that concept, we use fresh and safe ingredients from Hokkaido, so that we can fully enjoy the taste of the local area, so please come with confidence.

Please experience the charm of Hokkaido at the ramen shop in front of Sapporo Station

The word slow food has been born for a long time in Italy, but the value of using food from the region rich in diversity that does not harm the environment or health is positive for fast food that brings about a uniform food It is supposed to be reviewed. Of course, local shops and shops near Sapporo Station, which are popular among tourists who came to Hokkaido for work and sightseeing, know the goodness of rich materials from Hokkaido. We wish to receive and use carefully selected ingredients.
About 90%, such as rice koji miso, which has been naturally aged for many years in cedar wooden barrels, including garlic from Hokkaido, which is said to be the king of wild vegetables in Hokkaido, and top-grade soy sauce, etc. The ingredients of are from Hokkaido. Please thoroughly enjoy the menu of the whole body which condensed the goodness of Hokkaido called the treasure house of ingredients.

Please enjoy Genki de rumiso ramen by all means in Sapporo station square

Garlic, which has attracted attention as a local Hokkaido food source, is known as the king of wild plants that survives severe winters and sprouts in the spring. Especially natural products are considered to be extremely valuable. Based on the garlic of the rower, using the highest quality wheat, miso and pork from Hokkaido, it is a glass that gathers the "delicious" of the magnificent earth.
The minced frozen garlic is finely chopped and combined with pork to produce alithiamine, which has a fatigue-healing effect. When I hear garlic, I often hear voices like "I wonder if it smells" or "I'm hesitant if I have a plan for the future", but I finish it without smell with the original recipe based on the effort and scientific backing Please eat at lunch time or dinner time with confidence.

Ramen of reputation in front of Sapporo Station is healthy menu of non-natural soup

With the growing interest in food safety and reliability, you may not think that you want to choose good food that contributes to your health. In order to meet customers' wishes, popular stores that can process a line around Sapporo Station do not use any chemical seasoning composed of ingredients such as sodium glutamate and sodium inosinate, and have a healthy menu of non-naturalized soups. We offer.
It is not a chemical ingredient, but you can enjoy the deep taste unique to nature because it is a special soup prepared using plenty of domestic fish ingredients such as Hokkaido bream, salmon, kelp and plenty of domestic fish ingredients. As we accept change of taste as option with all the cups, please experience non-refined soup of reputation with "one who eats too many times" by all means once.

Voices of customers who used ramen Sapporo Ichigane in front of Sapporo Station

In the fierce war zone area around Sapporo Station, in the procession shop which stuck to the ingredients, cooking, and offering that was particular about the taste of the local area, voices from customers who used the shop are introduced on the website. The concept is to serve as a slow food by carefully selecting and cooking good Hokkaido ingredients such as homemade noodles using 100% wheat from Hokkaido, garlic from natural rowers, and 4 types of pork chopsticks with a focus on Hokkaido. .
Many customers have already arrived, and in recent years there have been a surge in overseas customers who have seen reviews, but we will listen to them without being satisfied with the status quo. As well as making efforts to develop and provide menus, we aim to improve the quality of customer service and provide a pleasant response, so please visit us once.

The ramen shop in front of Sapporo Station has a staff blog

At popular stores that have signed a “Sapporo Food Safety and Security Promotion Agreement” with Sapporo City, staff members need to know more about the store concept and the atmosphere inside the store with confidence in good customer service. I have published a blog. Including the creation of a safe and reliable menu by local production for local consumption, the daily news from the daily business scene and the latest news etc., the articles with rich contents that reflect the passionate desire of the staff "want to provide customer satisfaction" are regularly Uploading to
Gracias Co., Ltd., which operates the store, is recruiting associates to work with, and we support them so that experienced people, as well as inexperienced people, can aim to improve their career. We also provide information on job postings and recruiting for full-time and part-time employees on our blog, so if you are interested, please refer to it.