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Condensing the deliciousness of Hokkaido and the earth! [Energetic Miso Ramen]

Both meals and mail-order sales have been well received.

Sapporo Ekimae Ramen Sapporo Ichiryuan sells not only meals at seats that maintain a social distance, but also mail-order products such as "Genki no Derumiso Ramen" that are particular about Hokkaido ingredients.

  • Dosanko Plaza Tokyo Store Souvenir noodles (new soy sauce ramen [eco-packaging]) Tokyo Women


    I bought it because there was a POP when I came up from the Rookies stage at Dosanko Plaza. Although it was a dark soup, it was not salty and had a deep taste and was delicious! Eco-packaging is also environmentally friendly and is a wonderful initiative. I wanted to give it to my family who live apart.

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  • Amazonで購入 お土産:生麺(元気のでるみそラーメン) , お土産生麺(新しょうゆラーメン ) 札幌 男性


    I bought 6 meals, but it was good that they were packed one by one. I was able to share it with my friends.

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  • Souvenirs: Raw noodles (Genki no Derumiso Ramen), Souvenir Instant Noodles (Genki no Derumiso Ramen [Eco Packaging]), Souvenir Noodles (New Soy Sauce Ramen) Tokyo Men

    Thank you for the delicious ramen.
    It is a comment for two times including the one for the previous order.

    [Last time] Raw noodles Soy sauce, raw noodles miso
    [This time] Instant noodles miso

    Regarding soy sauce, it is commendable that the taste is summarized without chemical seasonings.
    In my personal taste, I felt that there was a slight lack of punch compared to miso.
    (Is there any garlic?)

    And about the instant noodles miso I ordered this time, I have raw noodles at hand
    I couldn't compare it because I didn't have it, but it was a little thinner than the raw noodles.
    Shall we?

    As I noticed during the cooking process, how to hold and tear when peeling off the vinyl packaging
    It is a pity that some dried noodles are broken. Thicken the noodles, or
    It may be possible to deal with it by drying it in a circle instead of folding it in a square.

    I am not particularly dissatisfied with the payment method. Good taste, free shipping
    It's reasonably priced at just over 1000 yen for 3 meals, so I often use it.
    Although it is a corona illness, please do your best.

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  • Dosanko Plaza Sapporo Store Sapporo City Women


    It's a simple wrapping so you can easily make it as a souvenir.
    Of course, I bought and ate my own noodles and soup.
    I'm glad it was summarized 😋

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  • Ramen Sapporo Ichiryuan Review Introduction Sapporo Women


    I had a friend share it with me, and this was my first time.
    The soup filled with the flavor and richness of Hokkaido is so delicious that I definitely want to try hot ramen at the shop.
    There was disposable chopsticks in it, which made me feel like I was there, but I thought I didn't need it at home. I will use it for something.
    Thank you for the meal.

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A popular store with a convenient location near Sapporo Station is a friendly and courteous customer service for those coming from outside the city so that the time in the store is engraved as a pleasant memory of Hokkaido.