It has been well received by overseas customers.

Our restaurant Miso Ramen, which is particular about Hokkaido ingredients such as “Energetic Miso Ramen” in front of Sapporo Station, has been highly rated by reviews. Thank you very much.

  • From customer survey


    Please do your best not to lose to corona.

    I hope it converges quickly. [Tokyo, male]

  • From customer survey


    I think that it is a lot of trouble due to corona infection, but I would like to work hard and continue the shop. [Chiba Prefecture / Women]

  • From customer survey


    It was very delicious. Whenever my friends come to Sapporo to play, I always recommend Ichibu-an. Unfortunately, my friend has been canceled in Corona, but when this situation calms down and I come back to Sapporo, I will definitely take it again. I think it is a difficult time, but please do your best with your body! [Hokkaido Women]

  • From customer survey


    We use it several times because it is a delicious ramen.

    This time, I ate souvenir ramen, but it was as delicious and surprised as eating at the shop.

    I will use it again. [Hokkaido Men]

  • From customer survey


    This time I got it for souvenirs and it was very delicious!

    When I went to Hokkaido with miso and garlic, I really wanted to go eat. [Chiba Prefecture / Women]

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A popular store with a convenient location near Sapporo Station is a friendly and courteous customer service for those coming from outside the city so that the time in the store is engraved as a pleasant memory of Hokkaido.