It has been well received by overseas customers.

Our restaurant Miso Ramen, which is particular about Hokkaido ingredients such as “Energetic Miso Ramen” in front of Sapporo Station, has been highly rated by reviews. Thank you very much.

  • From Google


    The noodles are also thick, making it very compatible with soup!
    It's easy to eat with little curling.
    The ingredients are unique.
    "I'm fine"
    A scrambled egg and minced pork with fried garlic
    It is topped.
    When eaten with soup, the taste will be irresistible.

  • From customer survey


    I asked for a light taste because it was a light taste group. It was delicious with just the right taste. The store was also a pleasant and bright store.

  • From customer survey


    The fluffy egg is delicious but the soup stock and miso die. Y is polite and good.

  • Than eating log


    I'm not too hungry, but I've come to Hokkaido, and I can't go home without eating ramen! Visit while thinking.
    `` Miso Ramen with energy ''
    As long as there is a small size, thank you!
    Corn butter topping.
    By the way, the small size is usually half the amount of ramen.

    Soup, noodles, pork soup, everything was delicious and I ate it anyway.
    Even though I wasn't hungry until a while ago, it was too delicious and I drank up the juice ...
    This is the first time for such a delicious ramen.

    I think corn butter topping is essential.
    It was surprising to have come on a separate plate but it was delicious! !

    I didn't feel the garlic taste so much, but the scent of garlic remained in my mouth. Even gyoja garlic doesn't go odorless ~ (^-^;

    The ramen was delicious enough to make me dream

    This ramen that you want to eat every day! !

  • From Google


    At noon, it is always a popular store, but there are many foreign customers.
    At night, there was a lot of people eating other than ramen, so it was relatively free.
    It seems to be a style of lined up after purchasing a meal ticket with a meal ticket machine, but that point was also a little difficult to understand.
    The soup uses a very mature red miso. Reminiscent of red dashi stock that comes out at the end of high-class Japanese cuisine. I think that it is a taste that is different from the so-called Sapporo Miso Ramen.
    The scrambled egg in the state of a half-boiled trout that comes out with a Western-style omhayashi is also a very distinctive point of the ingredients of “Energetic miso ramen”.
    The noodles are straight and have good compatibility with red miso, but this is also different from Sapporo miso ramen, which uses ruffled noodles.
    Therefore, it is not recommended that tourists who want to eat the so-called Sapporo Miso Ramen to choose ramen that only eats one meal.

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A popular store with a convenient location near Sapporo Station is a friendly and courteous customer service for those coming from outside the city so that the time in the store is engraved as a pleasant memory of Hokkaido.