It has been well received by overseas customers.

Our restaurant Miso Ramen, which is particular about Hokkaido ingredients such as “Energetic Miso Ramen” in front of Sapporo Station, has been highly rated by reviews. Thank you very much.

  • Hokkaido · Anonymous


    I made a lost item and called immediately, but I was told that I didn't search well, and after a few days I was told that I made a mistake when I made a confirmation call again.
    The impression is the worst.
    Ramen is delicious and satisfied, but I was angry at the modest response of the men in the hall, and when I called later, it was a pity that I had made no mistake but to say that it was wrong.

  • June 2018 / Ibaraki, male


    The soup, the noodles and the charshu were also very delicious.
    I thought that the amount of soup was small.

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A popular store with a convenient location near Sapporo Station is a friendly and courteous customer service for those coming from outside the city so that the time in the store is engraved as a pleasant memory of Hokkaido.