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Condensing the deliciousness of Hokkaido and the earth! [Energetic Miso Ramen]

Both meals and mail-order sales have been well received.

Sapporo Ekimae Ramen Sapporo Ichiryuan sells not only meals at seats that maintain a social distance, but also mail-order products such as "Genki no Derumiso Ramen" that are particular about Hokkaido ingredients.

  • Hokkaido, women


    I went to your store around 35 minutes for a one-hour lunch break from 11.30pm with my co-worker and two people, and there were about 8 people lined up and wondered what to do, but 8 people went into the shop right away so the spin seems to be fast I bought a food ticket and waited in line at the top. A clerk came to call about 50 minutes, but asked, "Because we have a seat in the box so we can guide the last 5 people and 1 person first", "We are limited in time too When I said "I'm in a hurry," he said, "I'll be able to guide you soon because the counter seats are already open." I waited for a while, but I was not called and waited for about 20 minutes, and I was finally introduced to the store. It was already about 12:13 that I could eat it during the 12:30 break time. After all, the time to return to the company has been delayed. It was disappointing that I could not afford to taste the delicious ramen that I could change my order despite being told that I was in a hurry. I come in a limited time at lunchtime
    Because there are many people, I want you to think about correspondence.

  • Gifu, men


    I was waiting in spite of going early, but it was delicious that I thought that there was worth eating even if I waited when I ate.
    It was a very delicious soup with a refreshing taste while having a rich taste of miso.
    Also when I come to Sapporo, I will stop by.

  • Hokkaido, male


    Lunch break is crowded. Even if I did my best and came out at 11:30, I was waiting for 10 people. I talked a little while waiting for foreigners in front (laughs)
    I am puzzled to say that I will place the slip just in case. On the way back, I wonder what to do with the slip.
    It is the best with rice. I put some rice in the soup and ate every drop. It was a treat. I will go again

  • Hokkaido, women


    The procession was done, but it lined up with a colleague. Next, when it was their turn to guide, it was asked whether they would like to guide first because the table, which was lined two behind, could sit five seats. I told that there wasn't much time since it was lunch, but I was told that I could immediately guide as the counter was open soon, so I went through the people in line behind. And one of us behind us was also guided first.
    Then we waited for about 15 minutes. I bought a meal ticket, I couldn't move to another store, and I had to wait. Please do not give loose guidance.
    After all, it was less than 10 minutes to be in the shop. I rushed to pour ramen into my stomach and could not taste it. It was too late to return to the company. It's a mess. Please reconsider the guidance method at the time of congestion.
    It should be possible to divide the five into two.

  • Tokyo Women


    With my husband from Sapporo, I wanted to eat delicious miso ramen on the final day of my stay in Sapporo.
    Both of us had a line of miso ramen topped with omelet toppings. It was very delicious and moved from the bite to the last drop.
    The rough ground pepper on the table was also very delicious, and the barley tea was also appreciated.
    My husband said that it was the most delicious ramen I had ever eaten this year, and I was the most delicious of the miso ramen I have ever eaten.
    I went to Sapporo Station, telling him that when I came to Sapporo, I would like to come here every time I came to Sapporo.
    Good luck to all the artisans, delicious ramen.

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A popular store with a convenient location near Sapporo Station is a friendly and courteous customer service for those coming from outside the city so that the time in the store is engraved as a pleasant memory of Hokkaido.